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Top Features Every Small to Medium Business App Should Have

Mobile apps are no more a preserve of big enterprises in the mobile-dependent consumer market. Many small and mid-sized businesses are switching to customized mobile app to cater to their customers better. The evolving technology is mostly adopted by businesses that need … Continue reading

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Top 7 IT outsourcing Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

In the cusp of digital transformation, technology is evolving more than ever to overwhelm the businesses and their customers. However, most of the business organizations still find it quite challenging to manage and access IT capabilities tailored to their business … Continue reading

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6 Benefits you should expect from Your IT providers in Healthcare

From electronic billing to staff management, healthcare IT services have become more evolved than ever. In the rush to cater to the customers better, it is imperative to streamline the administrative and billing management and that can be achieved with … Continue reading

5 Low-cost IT Practices to Boost Business Performance

Most of the small to mid-sized businesses go out on a limb with the expectation of gaining high returns but only a few can actually achieve what they expect. Some invest in enterprise-level tools and some in an upscale in-house … Continue reading

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IT Staffing – Why is it a Necessity for SMEs

Recruiting team players who can deliver high-priority deliverables within the pressing deadline is imperative for any business, big or small. However, it often becomes challenging to gauge the efficiency level of the incumbents they hire. In this tech-dependent world, it … Continue reading

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Importance of Data Backup and Recovery Plan for Small Businesses

Did you know that over 80% of small business ventures are more likely to be vulnerable to cyber attacks? Unsupervised IT infrastructure is touted to be the main reasons behind cyber crimes such as hacking, identity theft, spamming, etc. This … Continue reading

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How to Strategize a Successful Project Implementation

Every year a host of business ventures are launched with the vision to get a competitive edge in the cutthroat market. A few gains traction and many gets lost in the fray. All it requires is the fair deal of … Continue reading

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7 Essential Qualities of Cloud Computing Providers

From managing administrative slogs to boosting productivity, cloud service is considered to be the silver bullet for streamlining business operations. The demand for cloud services is increasing by the day and is no more a preserve of the IT industry. … Continue reading

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Here’s how Your Small Business will benefit from SharePoint Consulting

So you’ve put your pedal to the metal to scale up your small business? Great! So what’s next? Here a few questions which you should consider. Is your business ready to meet every possible IT challenge that comes through? Have … Continue reading

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15 Latest Facts and Trends You Should Know about IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is like a silver bullet for most of the Small and Mid-sized enterprises to maximize their business possibilities and reap the benefits of enterprise-level IT capabilities. The remote service providers specialize in meeting the specific demands of the … Continue reading

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9 Reasons to Choose over any other Web Application

Although a lot of IT professionals are wary of counting on an open-source web application framework, is still in good standing for custom application development. So why the Microsoft-led open-source server-side web application framework so highly favored by sophisticated … Continue reading

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5 Failsafe IT Services for Small and Medium Businesses

From financial operations to marketing manoeuvres, small and medium businesses have a huge role to play in shaping the corporate ecosystem. Some act as a backup support for a lot of big enterprises while some successfully cater to their customers … Continue reading

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What is Product Data Management and Why is it Important for Your Business

Do you own a product-based business and looking for solutions to streamline the production process to drive work efficiency and ROI? Product Data Management is a one-stop solution to cater to all your engineering design and production needs and it … Continue reading

8 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses buckle down to establish their brand with their limited funds and resources but they often tend to overlook the capabilities of digital marketing. You need to keep pace with the leading edge marketing techniques of the modern world … Continue reading

How to Streamline Administrative Tasks for Your Small Healthcare Facility

From managing appointments to billing, healthcare administrative tasks are rife with an array of strenuous activities which needs to be addressed within pressing deadline constraints. A lot of small healthcare facilities are still struggling with the challenges of managing paperwork … Continue reading

How to Customize Mobile Application Development at Low Cost

The shifting sands in this tech-dependent world have accelerated the need for mobile application development for all types of businesses, big and small. If delivering high-end customer experience is one of your crucial priorities then customizing applications per your business … Continue reading

What is IT Governance and Why You Need it for Your Business

From standardizing IT practices to driving revenues, IT governance is acknowledged by both big and Small to Medium-sized enterprises (SME) for meeting their business objectives. The key is to get access to IT staffing companies who would outline an effective … Continue reading

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Does Your Cloud Computing Providers Offer these Services?

Cloud computing encompasses a gamut of managed internet services provided by an in-house or outsourced IT team. It involves leveraging IT capabilities like servers, databases, networking, analytics, storage capacity, and more through the internet or cloud. If you have already hired … Continue reading

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Data backup and Recovery Plan for Small and Medium Businesses

It’s a tech-dependent and data-driven world and most of the business operations run on multiple IT functionalities. Even Small and Medium businesses are reaping the benefits of switching to cloud computing services. But a lot of the SMEs are yet to incorporate … Continue reading

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5 IT Mistakes Small Businesses can Avoid with Tech Consultants

When we are rapidly taking a shift from a technology-assisted world to a technology-driven world, you can’t afford to make any IT mistake even if you are running a small business. In fact, Small and Mid-sized businesses are more vulnerable … Continue reading

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The Need for Integrated Product Development to Drive Business Efficiency

Whether you are into a big enterprise or niche business, Integrated Product Development has become the need of the hour. From managing the marketing strategies to adding value to the products, Integrated Product Development is important to lend a snowball … Continue reading

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The Future of EHR Implementation in Healthcare Practices

The evolution of Electronic Health Records or EHR has been profound in the realm of medical technology. The adoption rate has proliferated to the level where almost all of the US healthcare facilities have implemented it to streamline their administrative … Continue reading

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Here’s why SMEs should Hire IT Staffing Firms

Getting the right candidate who would execute the task at the right time is challenging for most of the Small and Medium Enterprises. Rather than playing it by the ear, the SMEs can opt for business capabilities that will not … Continue reading

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8 Cost-Cutting Techniques for SMEs

It’s a known fact that almost half of the small businesses don’t last for more than five years. Most of the Small and Medium Enterprises put their nose to the grindstone to get desired results but very few can actually … Continue reading

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Top 9 Benefits of Staff Augmentation for SMEs

Staff augmentation is one of the many business strategies to climb the growth ladder effectively and the Small and Medium Enterprises are increasingly leveraging this technique to achieve maximum results. The key is to combine the already existing staff with … Continue reading

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Latest Statistics on Mobile App Development and Usages in 2018

The Tech evolution has seen a sea change over the past few years and the picture is going to change all the more for years to come. Mobile app development is one of the drops in the sea of technology … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right EHR for Physician Practices

Office-based physician adoption of an EHR has increased from about 40% to 89% in the last few years in the US. The challenge is to single out the right custom EHR system that aligns with the requirements of a particular … Continue reading

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6 iOS Application Development Trends in 2018

iOS App developers are known to build better mousetraps and they outmaneuver their own groundbreaking innovations with every passing year. Considering the sweeping changes in the technological ecosystem, they have come up with some of the leading-edge techniques this year. … Continue reading

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Why SMEs Needs Process Mapping for their Business

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are always striving hard to get a competitive edge and work on improving their financial health. Business process mapping is considered to be one of the best engineering and IT practices to get a roadmap of a … Continue reading

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8 Small Business Benefits of ERP Consulting

SMEs always have one thing in mind when they think of taking the next business move. Cost. Investment ideas come with a pinch of salt and there’s no denying that Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system is one of those … Continue reading

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6 Benefits of Outsourcing Healthcare IT Support

From patient care management to protecting the medical records from unauthorized viewing, the healthcare industry is constantly investing top dollars in leading-edge IT services. The deal is to consistently cope with the exorbitant investment schemes without affecting the daily work … Continue reading

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5 Best IT Practices for SMEs in 2018

It’s already the middle of the year and there have been significant and sweeping changes in the IT world. Is your Small or Medium enterprise backed with the best IT practices to cope with the shifting sands of IT trends? … Continue reading

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Why Small Businesses need Outsourced Disaster Recovery Plan

In the era of digital evolution, small businesses are always under the pressure of enhancing their skills and techniques for business development. It is, therefore, important for them to protect their data from any types of man-made or natural disaster … Continue reading

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Why Small Businesses are Increasingly Dependent on Outsourced IT Staffing

Outsourcing IT services have reaped positive results for many small to mid-sized companies and the dependence rate is increasing every year. According to a study by Statista, about 64% of respondents have outsourced software application in 2017 for business efficacy. … Continue reading

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9 Benefits of Process Mapping for your Business

According to Gartner’s CIO Agenda Survey, Chief Information Officers (CIO) are expected to drive digital revenues for companies from 16% to 37% in the next five years. CIO consulting has become an integral part of the business agenda of many … Continue reading

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7 Top IT Engineering Solutions to Outsource and Drive Revenue

How to pave the path towards business agility and achieve sustainable competitive edge? Most of the companies, especially the small to medium-sized ones finds it challenging to gain solutions to cope with these business objectives. Keeping their limited budget and … Continue reading

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Want Quality Deliverables at Low Cost? Try IPSTS’ IT Staffing Solutions

Nowadays you will be flooded with options when it comes to hiring IT candidates for your company but how will you understand if you’re investing in the right people? IT staffing solutions from a reliable staffing firm assure your company … Continue reading

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Top Reasons Healthcare Industry is Dependent on IT Outsourcing

With the increasing demand for state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, the dependence on technology is equally on the rise. According to a study, more than 75% of hospitals in the US are counting on outsourcing for managing extensive IT requirements. These are … Continue reading

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Top 7 Features CIO Advisory Firms should Provide

Any company that aspires to improve the financial health of their business needs professional consultation. Here comes Chief Information Officer or CIO advisory services to the rescue. They not only work on building a well-strategized business plan but also make … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing: Best Solution for Business Proficiency

Cloud computing has changed the face of IT technology and streamlined business efficacy by leaps and bounds. Businesses across the globe have been reaping its benefits and it’s time the small to mid-sized businesses acknowledge its importance for expanding their … Continue reading

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Sharepoint Consulting: A Must for Business Efficiency

Microsoft has been striving to outmaneuver SharePoint by updating it with more and more leading-edge features. Over the years, SharePoint has been utilized by small to big enterprises alike to streamline workflow and secure official data. If you’re yet to … Continue reading

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Why you should Make your Business Future-ready with Cloud Conversion

There’s a reason why more and more business enterprises are likely to spend about 80% of IT budgets on cloud solutions. Many employers have already acknowledged the benefits of cloud mobility and have switched from desktop to cloud conversion for … Continue reading

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How can Businesses Benefit from Custom Mobile App Development

Research shows that more than 85% of mobile users are more likely to use mobile apps as compared to mobile websites. So now it is clear that employers need a business app to experience a quantum leap in their business. … Continue reading

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8 Reasons you should Hire IT Outsourcing for Disaster Recovery

From infiltration of the US Government’s Sentencing Commission website to the infamous AT&T Phone Network fiasco, IT disasters can happen anytime without any prior notification. Disaster recovery management has, therefore, become an imperative for organizations where most of the work … Continue reading

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Why IT Outsourcing is better than In-house IT Team

IT outsourcing & In-House IT support Hiring staff from the same country or outside on a contractual basis for managing the IT needs for a business is known as IT outsourcing. In-house IT support, on the other hand, means hiring … Continue reading

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The need for Custom Mobile App Development in 2018

The New Year is here with the hope of newer possibilities and technological progress. Now that everyone has just come out of the holiday spirit, a lot of businesses will try to adopt cutting-edge techniques to be more outcome-focused. Your … Continue reading

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Importance of ASP.NET in Businesses

In the last few years, ASP.NET has left behind its immediate contemporaries like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Express, NodeJs, etc. Research shows, the web application Framework is ruling the roost with 23.32% of usage in business & industry, and … Continue reading

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8 Attributes of a Good Sharepoint Consultant

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, SharePoint tool has already proved its mettle to simplify work management. It is a very powerful and cost-effective tool devised to manage multiple projects and enhance productivity in a limited time. However, given to its … Continue reading

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