How to Choose the Right EHR for Physician Practices

Office-based physician adoption of an EHR has increased from about 40% to 89% in the last few years in the US. The challenge is to single out the right custom EHR system that aligns with the requirements of a particular healthcare facility. Here are some of the features which you need to consider when you are choosing an EHR system for your physician practices.

  • The cost: The cost of the EHR system depends on how you customize it. You wouldn’t want to spend top dollars for features which is not at all required for your facility. It is always advisable to hire an EHR system where you will get the flexibility to install only those functionalities that are relevant to your business requirement.   
  • User-friendliness: You wouldn’t want to go around in circles when using the EHR system. It is necessary to check if it is user-friendly for both the facility staff and the patients. Request for a free demo and consultation from the EHR vendors and check if you can operate it with ease.
  • The timeline: It is important to confirm how much time it will take to implement the EHR system in your facility. The entire timeline of the implementation process depends on the vendor’s plan of action.
  • Cloud hosting options: Most of the EHR system is based on cloud-hosting that rids you of spending any extra cost on servers and hardware to maintain the system. This is a great option to reduce cost overruns and help the healthcare facility to spend on other important services.
  • Integrated systems: If you want to get a new integrated EHR system from the scratch then you should know that it will cost you much more than an already running billing system. Seek help from a healthcare specialized IT consultant to get an EHR system that suits your budgetary and business requirements.
  • Interlinking options: You need to ensure if the EHR is compatible with other facilities that will assist you with the test results. Your EHR vendors can help you with this and make sure the system complies with government regulations and is easily operational with relevant facilities nearby.
  • Round-the-clock support: You shouldn’t expect a glitch-free EHR experience during the operational hours. It is important to have a backup plan ready and ensure round the clock assistance from the IT support team.   

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