6 iOS Application Development Trends in 2018

iOS App developers are known to build better mousetraps and they outmaneuver their own groundbreaking innovations with every passing year. Considering the sweeping changes in the technological ecosystem, they have come up with some of the leading-edge techniques this year. Let’s find out the top iOS app development innovations trending high in 2018.

  • Swift 4   

Security of iOS applications and Linux operating system gains a new high with the introduction of Swift 4 programming language. Backed by the dynamism of macOS and tvOS, it is an updated version of Swift 3. Besides ensuring better security, Swift 4 takes lesser memory space and is easier to use and learn. Expectedly, the language will facilitate faster and more flexible app development solutions.

  • Enhanced AI

With the launch of iOS 11, Artificial Intelligence became more enhanced making file management much simpler for the developers. The users can not only store their data in a single integrated file on the cloud but also leaves enough storage capacity. And of course, the famous personal assistant Siri too got a facelift with more power-packed features that include streamlining task management for the users.   

  • Improved Augmented Reality

Apple and Amazon collaborated to introduce the “the biggest AR platform in the world”, ARkit. The platform is highly popular among the developers who work on AR-based mobile apps. This enables the app to be used by multiple users simultaneously. With ARKit 2, it has become easier to detect known 3D objects like sculptures, toys, or furniture.

  • User-friendlier Apple Pay

There’s a reason why Apple Pay has experienced a surge of 500% hike in the transactions by the users across the world. It has made monetary transactions much simpler than it used to be. Again, security gets the highest priority because the credit or debit card credentials are not stored in the application.

  • Upgraded Apple HomeKit

Home automation experienced a quantum leap with the latest Apple HomeKit. The iOS devices are programmed to communicate with each other and take control of the sensors. This is a feather in the cap of IoT and if everything goes right, its users are expected to increase by about 50 billion by 2020.   

  • Robust App Store

Apple device users were often mocked by Android users to have an application store platform with a limited number of apps. This trend too has changed as more and more popular apps are free and easily accessible.

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