The need for Custom Mobile App Development in 2018

The New Year is here with the hope of newer possibilities and technological progress. Now that everyone has just come out of the holiday spirit, a lot of businesses will try to adopt cutting-edge techniques to be more outcome-focused. Your business can be made future-ready with the aid of a mobile app. Here’s why:

       Brand visibility: Research shows, more than 60% of all US online activity is accounted from mobile devices, and half of the total online traffic flows through mobile apps. A mobile app has, therefore, become an imperative for a broader reach and online brand exposure.  

       Lead generation: Most of the B2B marketers agree that mobile apps are very important to content marketing. This has now become an imperative because content marketing is a great way to attract more leads.  The more leads you gather, the easier it gets to retarget them and ultimately increase sales.

       Better customer reach: More than 225 million people are active mobile app users in the US. Hence, it is an imperative to reach out to your potential leads through a mobile app. 

       More marketing integrations: Nowadays, a lot of enterprises are adopting integration with multiple platforms. This has become necessary to streamline the business processes and boost revenue. Custom mobile apps make it much easier to integrate with the platforms relevant to your business needs.

       Enhance user experience: There’s a reason why more than 85% of mobile phone users in the US feel mobile apps are much more user-friendly than mobile websites. Most of the netizens are hooked to their little devices and dedicate most of their time to mobile apps. An app is much simpler because it calls for one-time installation, unlike website log-ins.

       Incorporate Artificial Intelligence: The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created ripples in the corporate world, and more and more business are incorporating artificial intelligence for web enabled efficiency. Custom mobile app development gives you the flexibility to align AI to your business needs.

       Cost reduction: You can save big dollars with custom mobile app development. This way you will not only have full control while you create the mobile app but also have the flexibility to incorporate relevant items and not spend on redundancy.  

       Easy marketing: Social media marketing is a great way to attract more and more users with the help of paid ads. All you need to do is to strategize an engaging marketing campaign and include a Call To Action button that will redirect the users to your app.

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