About IPS Technology Services

Successful organizations can no longer function in a reactive mode and wait for information to make decisions, particularly when it comes to focusing and directing the technology side of their business. Competition is fierce, the pace is blinding and business today thrives on continuous change. To survive, prosper and to meet customer expectations, companies must consider their technology strategy to be an integral part of their planning activities.

At IPS Technology Services, we help organizations rethink and retool their approach to the management of engineering, manufacturing, and human resource processes and improve their productivity and efficiency to new levels. Our “business first” technology planning approach helps our clients develop strategies to improve operational efficiencies and profit margin as well as reduce cost.

Our project management principles ensure on time and within budget delivery by appropriate utilization of the right resources at the right time. Our experienced consultants utilize a four phase structured methodology to capture clients’ requirements before designing or developing systems. This mandate has helped us deliver systems that meet or beat customer expectations, reduce systems development costs, and surpass all quality standards.

Today’s world of information technology enables–and challenges–an organization’s capability to administer key business processes. At IPS Technology Services, we offer a broad range of services to assist you in improving process efficiencies and reducing cost through technology outsourcing. We achieve this by rightsizing and customizing your technology needs based on your business requirements, resulting in cost savings and relief from the pain of day-to-day technology operations.

We can also supplement your workload by working with your employees onsite on a project to develop and implement systems in house. We deliver services in all aspects of systems development and integration from planning and design to implementation and support.

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