15 Latest Facts and Trends You Should Know about IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is like a silver bullet for most of the Small and Mid-sized enterprises to maximize their business possibilities and reap the benefits of enterprise-level IT capabilities. The remote service providers specialize in meeting the specific demands of the organization and help them with their much needed cost-cutting endeavors. If you’re planning to avail IT outsourcing services then you can skim through these interesting facts and trends to know where it stands in the global market.

  • Nearly 40% of organizations that are dependent on IT outsourcing are planning to work with them on more projects in years to come.
  • Web application development still consumes a substantial amount of IT budget due to its increasing demand in the global market.
  • About 78% of users affirm the positive results they have incurred from their outsourcing firms.
  • About 60% of users have agreed that they rely on IT outsourcing to prevent cost overruns.
  • Outsourcing Information and Data Security services top the list for most of the business enterprises across the globe.
  • The need for cloud computing consultancy has seen an exponential increase over the last couple of years and it is touted to persist in the next few years.
  • The demand for Artificial Intelligence have significantly increased and outsourced firms play a big role in providing quality services to a host of juggernaut enterprises.
  • Backup plans and disaster recovery are high-maintenance and a company without a strategy is vulnerable to a host of security challenges. This is the reason Disaster recovery services are known to stand in good stead in the world of outsourcing.
  • There has been a steep rise in employment opportunities in the outsourcing milieu and many incumbents are successfully working independently with a lot of big enterprises on a contractual basis.
  • Many small and mid-sized organizations count on third-party IT staffingat competitive prices due to their fast and immaculate screening process.
  • Besides helping with cost-cutting techniques, outsourced CIO advisory services aids many organizations with process mapping, IT governance, technology roadmap, and many other best IT practices.
  • The need for hiring third-party digital marketing firms has increased by leaps and bounds. They help organizations with cost-effective digital marketing capabilities such as PPC, SEO, content management, social media marketing, email marketing, web development, and designing.     
  • Outsourcing system development measures such as coding and testing, business intelligence, deployment and support are also considered by SMEs to boost their IT performance.
  • IT engineering systems such as Integrated Product Development, Process and Information Mapping, CAD/CAM/CAE, Product Data Management, and ERP Consulting are also increasingly leveraged by many business organizations to improve efficiency and assure ROI.   
  • Outsourcing is still considered to be a failsafe measure to cope with the shifting sands in a country’s political schemes.

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