Cloud Computing: Best Solution for Business Proficiency

Cloud computing has changed the face of IT technology and streamlined business efficacy by leaps and bounds. Businesses across the globe have been reaping its benefits and it’s time the small to mid-sized businesses acknowledge its importance for expanding their business horizons. Read on to learn why it is the need of the hour.

  • Enhance business efficacy:More than 90% companies claim to use some form of cloud computing for business efficacy. More the use of cloud computing, lesser are the chances of human error.  
  • Low cost:  Cost is one of the biggest concerns of small to mid-sized businesses and cloud computing comes with the assurance of cost reduction. A lot of work can be performed with the help of automation eliminating the chances of spending too much on labor costs.
  • IT Revenue growth: Studies reveal, Cloud computing has enhanced IT revenue growth by 2% to 3% and it is likely to increase in years to come. So businesses have the potential to boost their IT capabilities with the aid of cloud technology.
  • Easily accessible:Another important reason to switch to cloud computing is its easy accessibility. The employees can easily access any data and applications on the go through their mobile phones, laptops or any devices with an internet connection. Some applications can also be accessed offline.   
  • Team coordination: All of the employees stay on the same page giving them real-time access. The project head and managers can also assign tasks on the cloud so that the employees can get started without any delay.
  • Safety and security: Professional cloud computing will protect you from unauthorized attacks ensuring high-end security of data.
  • Unlimited storage: Storage of data is never a problem with cloud computing. Save as much data as you want without paying additional costs. 

These are the latest statistics every business should know about cloud computing:

  • Most of the companies switch to cloud for its ability to cut costs.
  • More than 51% of users have acknowledged it for moving more workload to the cloud.
  • About 40% of businesses are switching to the cloud because of better features and functionalities.
  • About 85% of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy.
  • About 45% of business enterprises leverage the cloud to build new policies or procedures.
  • According to tech experts, cloud computing services are believed to have the most measurable impact on businesses.
  • By the end of this year, more than 50% of IT spending will be cloud-based.
  • The demand for cloud services has grown by about 20%.

Sources: Sherweb, Forbes

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