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How to Choose the Right IT Partner for Your Business?

Succeeding in commercial ventures in 2024 involves adeptness with data and technology. Where data is used to make sure the decisions are right and are expected to yield the desired results. And tech is needed for efficient and seamless execution … Continue reading

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IPS Technology Services Acquires a New and Fast-Growing IT Outsourcing Client in SE Michigan

The client, one of the fastest growing companies in SE Michigan who has won a series of contracts from companies such as Amazon, were in the need of taking care of the growing IT needs.   After a series of negotiations, … Continue reading

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IT Outsourcing in Michigan: What You Need to Know Before Jumping In

Outsourcing your IT functions is sometimes essential. Choosing a partner for that important role should be a careful and well-thought-out decision, as IT processes are an integral part of any business. They control everything from essential services like email to … Continue reading

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Choosing a Service for IT Outsourcing

IT services abound, and choosing the right one for your needs can be an overwhelming task. Sitting down and answering a few questions for yourself before beginning your search for IT outsourcing in Michigan can help make the process easier … Continue reading

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IPS Technology Services Wins Contract with AcuMax Index to Provide IT Services

TROY, Mich., December 15, 2018 —IPS Technology Services was recently chosen to be the new provider of IT services for AcuMax Index. AcuMax Index—the only assessment that measures and reports on human wiring—has selected IPS Technology Services to be their … Continue reading

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IPS Technology Services Wins Website Redesign and Development Project with Test Lab

TROY, Mich., November 17, 2018 –IPS Technology Services recently won a project with a southeast Michigan test lab to redesign and develop their company website. Through this project, IPS will address all sides of end-to-end website development: Creative Design, Smooth … Continue reading

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IPS Technology Services Wins Website and Digital Marketing Contract

TROY, Mich., November 10, 2018 –IPS has signed a contract to develop an all-new website for a recruiting firm. Under this contract, IPS will also take care of all of the client’s digital marketing needs. Through the building of a … Continue reading

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Why IT Outsourcing is better than In-house IT Team

IT outsourcing & In-House IT support Hiring staff from the same country or outside on a contractual basis for managing the IT needs for a business is known as IT outsourcing. In-house IT support, on the other hand, means hiring … Continue reading

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Tips on Making IT Outsourcing Ventures Successful

The need to accomplish more objectives in the least possible time has been one of the dominant reasons behind the growing popularity of IT outsourcing in Michigan and among other organizations. Outsourcing is a business strategy that is believed to … Continue reading

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Essential Tips on Choosing Your Ideal IT Outsourcing Partner

The advancements in technology have brought about significant changes in the way businesses operate. Now, this transformation is also a much-awaited one for businesses. These days, CEOs and CFOs strive hard to find the possible ways of providing high-quality services … Continue reading

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The Reasons and Rewards of IT Outsourcing in Michigan

Being a business owner, you must have already thought about the services you would like to outsource. If your company is a new one, outsourcing is the right solution as it saves a lot of money. Experts have already suggested … Continue reading

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How Small Businesses Can Get Benefitted with IT Outsourcing in Michigan

For small businesses worldwide, cost cutting is an essential aspect. The entrepreneurs are persistently trying ways of achieving this goal. IT is one of the most important as well as a critical business facet where cost can simply go out … Continue reading

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BPO’s Role in the Modern Competitive Business World

The business market has become quite competitive with numerous small, medium as well as large enterprises facing each other. The business owners are constantly looking out for ideas which will boost and innovate their productivity. Hiring new teammates or in-house … Continue reading

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Why should SMEs Hire IT Outsourcing Firms in Michigan?

Small businesses always require an IT firm to handle their IT necessities. The reason can be anything – lack of experts or a lot of staff, managing resources, budgets and others. All these have led the SMEs to seek the … Continue reading

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Opportunities that BPO industry in Southeast Michigan Offers

Outsourcing is a smart way of deriving profit at affordable prices: Outsourcing is an important addition to one’s business. Through the premium quality services of a BPO, existing processes within an organization become smarter, leaner and results are obtained faster. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Working with IT Staffing Firms in Southeast Michigan

IT staffing firms is the need of the hour today to make sure that business processes are properly followed. In spite of it being so much in demand, business houses have always preferred to outsource it instead of maintaining an … Continue reading

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