Importance of ASP.NET in Businesses

In the last few years, ASP.NET has left behind its immediate contemporaries like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Express, NodeJs, etc. Research shows, the web application Framework is ruling the roost with 23.32% of usage in business & industry, and 59.05% in other verticals. Microsoft is enhancing ASP.NET with new age features, and these are the major benefits why the businesses need to leverage it at the earliest.

       Easy accessibility: ASP.Net is an open source platform and is, therefore, easily accessible. Besides, it is also free of cost making it easier for the small enterprises to flourish themselves on the digital milieu.   

        Scalability: The developers vouch for its scalability and flexibility because the framework allows the use of many programming languages that can be used according to the requirements of web development. It can also be used in creating cross platforms web applications as it easily supported in leading Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Besides, it can also be embedded in popular web frameworks like Bower, NPM, etc.  

        Easy to use: This is also one of the many reasons why this framework is such a favorite amongst the developers. ASP.NET is quite easy to use without having to deal with complex web development configurations. The dot net framework is also free from redundant and complex codes making the development all the more simple.

       Data security: The entire web development configurations are cloud-based, and hence, all of the changes are saved online. Although ASP.NET is susceptible to code injection attacks, the developers can make it secure with the aid of Windows-guaranteed authentication.    

        Saves time: It’s not a long haul to configure on ASP.NET. The feature-rich framework saves a substantial amount of time with the aid of compiler platforms like ‘Roselyn’. The latest ASP.NET 5 is embedded with features to boost HTTP performance and also helps in reducing overhead costs. Easy deployment is also one of the reasons as the developers don’t need to spend time in registering components.

       Detects glitches:  ASP.NET guarantees high performance with the help of features including caching, JIT compilation, optimization support, etc. It also aids in detecting technical anomalies, rectifies, and then reboots the system enabling faster performance.

       Easy hosting:  The latest ASP.NET framework can self-host web applications and has the flexibility to deploy the web application on Microsoft IIS. Web application migration from one host to another is also quite simple.    

        Easily Customized: As the dot net framework assures flexibility and scalability, the developers find it much easier to customize the web development per the requirement of the client.  

Now that you know, Desktop to ASP.Net conversion can be beneficial for your business; you can submit a request for a free quote and learn more about these services.

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