8 Attributes of a Good Sharepoint Consultant

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, SharePoint tool has already proved its mettle to simplify work management. It is a very powerful and cost-effective tool devised to manage multiple projects and enhance productivity in a limited time. However, given to its wide range of features, professional consultation is needed to streamline the workflow and get results. So when you hire a SharePoint consultant, these are the qualities you should look out for.  

  1. Good listener  

A good SharePoint consultant is expected to be extremely patient and polite while dealing their clients. When the client puts forward their requirements, it is important the consultant listens to each of them patiently and don’t rush.  

  1. Problem Solver

As the delivery time of the entire project is very limited, a good SharePoint consultant should be prompt and have cognitive and problem-solving abilities on the go.   

  1. Inquisitive

As the client is not aware of the utilities of SharePoint, it is expected the consultant will ask more and more questions so that the tool can be leveraged to its full potential according to the business needs.

  1. Well informed

Like many other tools, SharePoint also upgrades itself with new features. A consultant should be up-to-date with the latest tech trends and know how to incorporate the features aligned to a particular project.

  1. Good presentation skills

Once the consultant is done with the client’s requirements, it is expected that he/she will prepare a well-organized blueprint aligned to the business processes and it should be easily understood by people involved in the project operations.

  1. Active participant in relevant forums

Nowadays, there are a lot of forums and communities dedicated to a niche vertical. A SharePoint consultant should be an active participant in communities dedicated to SharePoint consulting. The interactive discussions can be highly beneficial to incorporate their insights in business.

  1. Understanding of other tools

Good SharePoint consultants will never restrict themselves to SharePoint tool only. If he/she has is well aware of the utilities of third-party tools, then it becomes much easier for them to use those in case there’s a glitch in the SharePoint system.

  1. Instructional skills

When a SharePoint consultant gathers relevant experience in consulting, he/she will be expected to train the rookies or lead an entire team of consultants. He/she must have excellent instructional abilities to make it easier for the subordinates to understand the nitty-gritty of SharePoint.          

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