Does Your Cloud Computing Providers Offer these Services?

Cloud computing encompasses a gamut of managed internet services provided by an in-house or outsourced IT team. It involves leveraging IT capabilities like servers, databases, networking, analytics, storage capacity, and more through the internet or cloud. If you have already hired a cloud computing provider then you are already aware that they charge you per bandwidth and usage. But are you sure they are providing the right services considering your budget? Let’s find out.

  • Cost control: You are already maximizing the chances of preventing cost overruns by hiring a third-party cloud computing provider. But make sure you enlist help from consultants who would let you know precisely if your outsourced providers are actually costing you more or less than your in-house team.
  • Customization options: Most of the providers have the practice of offering their services on a package basis that already includes solutions that they have chosen. Make sure your organization is given the flexibility to choose only those services that are aligned with your business requirements.
  • Industry-leading functionalities: Ask your providers if they are offering enterprise-level functionalities that are future-ready. Technology is ever-evolving and your cloud computing solutions should be able to cope with the changes accordingly.
  • Saving business hours: Even though a lot of cloud computing providers comes with the assurance of already trained professionals, you should be doubly sure that the staff you’re allotted are actually highly-skilled and have the capabilities to solve critical issues without additional support or training.
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Backup: From preventing cyber attacks to protecting your client information, your cloud computing provider must always be well-equipped with a solid backup plan to fight the challenges of any online or offline disaster.
  • Analytics support: Are you sure you are getting enough support in analyzing your company’s Key Performance Indicator? Measure your business performance with the leading edge tools which your cloud computing provider must offer so that you can work on your pain points more effectively.
  • Team Management: Cloud computing providers should help to streamline team collaboration to enhance efficiency and prevent miscommunication. They will provide tools to keep all of the employees on the same page to inculcate more engagement amongst the team and save time by doing away with redundant steps.
  • Constant support: When the providers say 24×7 technical and maintenance support, they should actually do it in action. You should be able to work on the technical challenges easily with the help of the cloud computing providers whenever you need them.

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