Why Small Businesses are Increasingly Dependent on Outsourced IT Staffing

Outsourcing IT services have reaped positive results for many small to mid-sized companies and the dependence rate is increasing every year. According to a study by Statista, about 64% of respondents have outsourced software application in 2017 for business efficacy. Following this trend, small organizations have spent about 8% of their IT budget on outsourcing in 2018 so far at the median compared to 6.7% last year. So these are the major reasons why outsourcing IT staffing has become a priority.

  1. Cut costs, not corners    

By now it is quite clear that cost reduction is the most important reason to outsource IT staffing. Most of the small businesses acknowledged that outsourcing their IT staffing has helped them cut costs and get quality results at the same time.

  1. More Focus on business objectives              

The organizations belonging to different verticals other than IT outsource their IT staffing to focus on their core area of expertise. It can be a real estate firm, health care unit, educational organization, e-commerce business, etc. This helps them invest their time and resources on their core business leaving the hassles of IT deliverables to the outsourced team.

  1. Skilled professionals always at your service

Another advantage of outsourcing IT staffing is the easy accessibility to already trained professionals ready to serve you. They are always equipped with tools and professional acumen to assist you round the clock. You don’t need to invest your time, money, and resources in training the professionals which you would have had to do for maintaining an in-house IT team.

  1. Risk management

IT outsourcing not only provides technological support but also offers consulting for driving business growth. They help you create a technological roadmap to assure the IT expenditures are in-sync with the limited budget and resources of a small business. This will prevent you from spending unnecessarily on something irrelevant and prepare you for overcoming any future risk in your business.  

  1. Increase productivity

As an outsourced team always provides up-to-date tools to act promptly to the IT requirements, it streamlines your work operations enhancing team management.

  1. Higher revenue

Outsourced services come with the guarantee of better-qualified candidates who are selected through fast yet immaculate screening and deliver their assigned tasks well before time. This not only improves work efficiency but also drives business growth with the assurance of higher ROI.  

  1. Disaster recovery management

Human error or natural, disasters may occur any moment. With an IT outsourced team, you can get the peace of mind that your confidential data and information are protected from all types of disaster or security threat.

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