The Future of EHR Implementation in Healthcare Practices

The evolution of Electronic Health Records or EHR has been profound in the realm of medical technology. The adoption rate has proliferated to the level where almost all of the US healthcare facilities have implemented it to streamline their administrative burden. The concept of EHR saw the light of the day in mid-1960 and now it has become an indispensable resource. The main objective is to standardize the task of healthcare personnel and enhance customer experience. So what is expected from EHR implementation in days to come? Let’s find out!

  • More power to cloud technology

EHR system has already minimized the burden of bulk paperwork by leaps and bounds. With the introduction of more categories and outcome-focused IT functionalities, it is expected that paperwork is soon going to be a thing of past. This will be helpful especially for specialized healthcare units.

  • Improved customizations

Keeping the requirements of the specialty care units in mind, customization options will be more robust. Report generation will no more be an uphill task and with improved patient portal, the facility staff and the patients can coordinate with each other on-the-go.

  • More user-friendly

The EHR interface is expected to be more consolidated and easy to understand. The patients and staff won’t have to depend on technical staff to comprehend their requirements. 

  • Performance-driven

Analytics takes a key role in indicating the Key Performance Indicator of any enterprise. Healthcare facilities and hospitals too are no exception. EHRs are expected to be well-equipped with enhanced analytics to help them identify their pain points better.

  • Reach-out to remote areas

Although EHR implementation is a regular practice in most of the healthcare facilities in the cities, it is yet to reach the remote areas. Besides enhancing the features and functionalities, the providers are working on ways to promote EHR implementation for better distribution of medicine in far-fetched areas.

  • 100% adoption rate

Currently, the EHR adoption in the United States is about 80%. The providers are not only aiming for 100% adoption rates but also to spread their services outside the country.

  • Enhanced cyber security

Cyber threat is a growing menace which is touted to increase in days to come. This calls for enhanced cyber security protocols in EHR systems to prevent the breach of hospital records and promote data exchange in a more secure way.

  • Effective integrations

Successful EHR implementation is a team effort and it is possible with powerful partnerships. More dynamic integrations are expected to deliver the best results in the fastest way possible.

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