Top Features Every Small to Medium Business App Should Have

Mobile apps are no more a preserve of big enterprises in the mobile-dependent consumer market. Many small and mid-sized businesses are switching to customized mobile app to cater to their customers better. The evolving technology is mostly adopted by businesses that need to deliver their services directly to their customers. If you too are considering building a mobile app then these are some of the features you should include to deliver top-of-line customer experience.

  • User-friendly interface: Will you continue using an app that is way too complex to use? Keep yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and build an interface that you will find very easy to use.
  • Eye-catching visual content: Make sure the graphic designers pull through visual elements that will keep the users engaged for a long time. Watch out for some sample creatives that have worked wonders for successful SMEs and ask the designers to use similar visual appeal without compromising with the uniqueness of your brand identity.
  • Easy to navigate: All your app development efforts will go downhill if you cram the app with too many tabs and pop-ups. Your customers should be able to navigate the app and get a clear picture of all your services without unnecessary interruptions.
  • Call-to-actions: Many times, even the big brands fail to provide call-to-action buttons that actually work. You should always ask your IT service providers to test the apps several times in different devices to ensure actionable CTA buttons.
  • Promotional offers: Most of the startups gain momentum by attracting the consumers with offers they can’t refuse. Referral codes, subscription discounts, mobile coupons, scratch and win, and loyalty cards are some of the most popular marketing techniques to gain more users and convert them into customers.
  • Help desk: When the app is all about serving your customers, a 24*7 support is always expected. Try to provide points of contacts that are easily accessible that can address the situation immediately. The tabs may include lick to call, contact form, and click to email options.  
  • Push notifications: Although it might be annoying to some of the users, a recent study revealed that many consumers actually like receiving personalized push notifications. Provide push notification options to update the users with the latest offers and significant developments. 

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