The Need for Integrated Product Development to Drive Business Efficiency

Whether you are into a big enterprise or niche business, Integrated Product Development has become the need of the hour. From managing the marketing strategies to adding value to the products, Integrated Product Development is important to lend a snowball effect to the business.

An Integrated Product Development or IPD team comprises of professionals from various verticals relevant to the business requirements. Professional expertise and consistent collaboration are indispensable to streamline long-haul project management. Generally, an IPD team works on the three-tier system.

  • The strategists: This team creates the process mapping and plan of action for the execution team. 
  • The problem solvers:The team that identifies the issues, works on resolving them and notifies the stakeholders about the updates.    
  • The executing players: They are the ones that follow the roadmap designed by the strategists and execute them accordingly.

Now let’s find out how the IPD team helps in driving business efficiency:  

  • Market research is the cornerstone of a successful business strategy. This not only helps to understand the customer requirements and expectations but also imbibes team management to enhance workflow and productivity. Small business would vouch for the importance of IPD because it’s a very cost-effective solution. It helps to identify the potential risks and loopholes at an early stage preventing cost overruns.
  • Professional product designing is possible only with the help of seasoned designing professionals who will be a part of the IPD team.
  • The product designing is followed by the manufacturing and supply process. Both are planned simultaneously to drive cross-functional activities.   
  • On-time delivery is again one of the most crucial challenges for most of the businesses. With an IPD team, you would be able to get a well-planned marketing and technology roadmap keeping the industry standards in mind. Integrated R&D and early involvement of suppliers in the development process drives the team to get started with the assignments early and ultimately scale up work speed ensuring timely delivery.
  • The IPD team is expected to ace in integrating Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM), and Computer-aided designing (CAD) tools to minimize production cycle time.
  • With the help of an IPD team, it becomes easier to replicate the production process electronically to reduce test iterations and other types of redundancies involved in the manufacturing process.
  • The team is well trained in making use of cutting-edge engineering and technological tools to improve the product designing process.
  • The team is also actively involved in streamlining the product review process to ensure the products match the quality standards per the customer’s expectations.

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