Why Small Businesses need Outsourced Disaster Recovery Plan

In the era of digital evolution, small businesses are always under the pressure of enhancing their skills and techniques for business development. It is, therefore, important for them to protect their data from any types of man-made or natural disaster by keeping a data backup. Apparently, about 45% never reopen and 51% close within two years after an IT catastrophe. Here are top reasons why small businesses need to protect their data with the aid of professional Disaster Recovery Plan.

  • Prevent Cyber Attack menace

Alarmingly, more than 60% of small companies shut down their business within six months of a cyber attack. It is a known fact that most of the cyber attacks target small businesses as they do not have a backup plan to prevent phishing, social engineering stacks, malicious codes, ransomware threats, botnets, and similar digital attack. A Disaster Recovery Plan is necessary to assure cybersecurity and upkeep the restoration of IT infrastructure.

  • Secure client information

Security of customer information is your responsibility and even a small slip-up may lead to a major mishap. A disaster recovery plan makes sure their data is highly secured under their control and maintain your business reputation.

  • Risk management

It requires professional management services to assess the potential risk specific to your business and outline a data recovery strategy accordingly. They will rank your IT system per priority and establish a blueprint of prevention strategy.

  • Save business hours

Every minute is invaluable for any type of businesses and recovering data that is not protected by a disaster recovery plan may cost you so much time that you may find it difficult to cope with the increasing pressure of pending deliverables. A prevention strategy is, therefore, important to act promptly whenever any disaster strikes.

  • IT Support 24X7

Disasters may strike unannounced and small businesses may not have the cost to invest in an in-house IT support team. An outsourced IT support service will assure technical support round the clock.

  • Save money

No IT system comes with the assurance of 100% uptime and small businesses couldn’t cope with a disaster if the system fails for some reason or the other. It goes without saying that this will come at the cost of spending top dollars. Keep your entire IT system protected from such untoward risk with a well-planned prevention strategy and save your business from heavy expenditures in future.

  • Regular testing

Disaster Recovery Plan is not only about incorporating a backup strategy but also implement regular testing to update and restore the system with relevant data.

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