Importance of Data Backup and Recovery Plan for Small Businesses

Did you know that over 80% of small business ventures are more likely to be vulnerable to cyber attacks? Unsupervised IT infrastructure is touted to be the main reasons behind cyber crimes such as hacking, identity theft, spamming, etc. This has often resulted to cost overruns because data recovery is a long haul and cost-consuming process which is beyond the reach of small businesses. So what can be the potent solution to this major problem which many small businesses are still struggling with? Let’s find out!

  • Outsourcing to remote IT services providers

Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to work on the data backup plan, at one point of time you will be in dire need of professional support to straighten out a failsafe plan. It often becomes difficult to maintain an in-house IT team just to look into the data backup and disaster recovery mechanisms. Get started by outsourcing your IT requirements to a service provider who would offer services tailored to your small business needs without exceeding your budget.  

  • Steer clear of natural/technological disaster

Disaster, either natural or technological or human, can occur unannounced. Prevent a stumble before the fall by shielding your IT set-up with essential groundwork which only professionals can provide. It will not only help you cope with unforeseen glitches but also support speedy recovery.    

  • Downtime off the cuff

You must have put your pedal to the metal to organize your business set-up which is replete with irreplaceable data. Losing those will be much easier than retrieving them. You wouldn’t want to invest most of your invaluable business time in downtime, isn’t it? The trained and high-performance outsourced team will ensure all your data and information is unscathed from such external intrusions.    

What the service providers can do for you

  • They will identify the potential threats and devise a Business Impact Analysis keeping in mind the requirements unique to your business. This is important to closely vet and assess the potential reaction to the business and create a cost-effective plan based on the analysis report.  
  • They are always well-equipped with a team of professionals who will be at your service for providing live assistance. Keep those important contacts handy so that you can reach them whenever there’s a crisis.   
  • Expect enterprise-level services at low-cost as the team will be well updated with the leading-edge data backup and recovery plans to incorporate it according to the technological changes that happen quite often.      
  • The data recovery team also assures regular mock-up and testing activities to act promptly to any situation.

So outsourcing a data backup team sounds a good idea? Get your work done by one of the best Southeast Michigan data backup and IT staffing firms. Find out more.

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