9 Reasons to Choose ASP.net over any other Web Application

Although a lot of IT professionals are wary of counting on an open-source web application framework, ASP.net is still in good standing for custom application development. So why the Microsoft-led open-source server-side web application framework so highly favored by sophisticated web developers across the world? Let’s find out.

  • Flexibility: Web developers always look for options that would give them free hands. ASP.net allows them to create dynamic and customizable web application without using complex coding tactics.  
  • Time-saving: The requirement for creating robust web application has grown exponentially over the last few years. ASP.net eases that stress by allowing the developers to build web applications with less coding and more functionality options. Besides, from application designing to site configuration, an array of complex tasks can be signed off within limited time constraints.  
  • Easy maintenance: You don’t need to rack your brains or spend top dollars to maintain web applications or websites build from ASP.net. The developer can also easily edit and manage the web apps accordingly.
  • Security: Although ASP.net is an open source framework, it comes with the guarantee of security with its built-in Windows authentication feature. It helps to identify the user with the aid of confidential credentials. The authorization process also grants or denies access rights to the user based on the authentication process. Besides, the latest ASP.net framework allows easy integration of security system into web applications to ensure maximal security.  
  • Increased efficiency: With less coding hassles and a whole gamut of effective functionalities, ASP.net not only boosts productivity but also gives ample time to the developers to work on other important projects.
  • Enhanced support system: ASP.net consists of an association of multi-skilled web developers who are there to give you the much-needed support any time of the day. The community of top-of-line developers is trained to respond promptly to even the most complex of the problems.  
  • In-built design tools: The cutting-edge framework is inclusive of a toolbox named Visual.Net to help the developers run the development process easily as they are not required to memorize any type of variables or techniques.   
  • Custom language preference: ASP.net languages have the scalability to allow the developers to select their preferred language and segregate the applications by incorporating multiple languages.
  • Identify glitches: The developers will be notified if the framework identifies any technical glitch and allow them to diagnose the issue and reboot the system to get started with the project again.

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