Interview Questions for Temporary Employees to Ensure Successful Hiring

With temporary hiring on the rise, staff augmentation is a great way to manage dynamic requirement of skilled staff for a limited period. A growing part of American businesses are opting for staff augmentation on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis as it is a cost-effective and flexible way to keep staffing levels optimal according to the business needs. Similarly, these temporary positions also help employees to find the suitable job as some companies find it a great way to evaluate potential full-time employees.

Technology being the fundamental component to a business’s success, demand for skilled IT candidates has grown exponentially. IT staffing services by IPSTS can meet the long or short term requirements of companies by providing skilled IT staffs and expanding their manpower to accomplish seasonal or special projects successfully. A good employee, be it a temporary one or full-time, is an asset for the company. However, hiring a skilled employee is often a challenge for the managers as people are unpredictable – sometimes they exceed their manager’s expectations or sometimes they become misfit for the company. Misinterpreting skills and experiences of an employee can cost a company a great deal. Though predicting a candidate’s full potential without working with him/her is impossible but better interview questions can be helpful to evaluate an employee and lead to successful hiring.

Here are 5 good questions to evaluate an employee for temporary hiring:

1.    Why apply for temporary position?

This question can help you understand the ambition as well as the purpose of the employee for applying for that particular position. Do they like to hop into different companies? What drives them to choose a project based job role? Is there any specific career goal? Is the candidate exploring different industries to gain more experience or upgrade their skillset? Or, they are so eager to work with your company that they are happy to join in a short-term position too? Their answer will help you to determine if the candidate is suitable to a full-time position as well.

2.    When is the last time you had to adjust to a new situation?

Temporary job positions often demand the candidate to adjust to a new situation quickly. They need to coordinate with the in-house team to get their work done. Temporary candidates need to quickly recognize the office culture, learn protocols and pick up project specifications. For that, a good team spirit is a must. No employer wants to face any unnecessary disruptions caused by the new recruit. The answer of this question will tell you how good your potential candidates can adapt in a team and perform their best as a team.

3.    What are your special skills?

IT staffing services focus a great deal on the needed skillset of a candidate. Temporary hiring in IT sector is often driven by specific projects that need specific technical skill set. Besides the knowledge of certain software, you might want to hire a candidate who can show you demonstrable experience of the programs. They must be able to apply their knowledge effectively so that they can add value to the project on a regular basis.

4.    How do you motivate yourself?

In a fast paced world, self-motivated and driven candidates will always be valued more than others who are not. For temporary hires, they do not get the same incentives and perks as permanent staffs. They often need to work under pressure with a tight deadline. In that case, finding motivation in their own work achievements and goals is very important. Describe a stressful situation at work & how did you deal with it? Did you ever go beyond your call of duty to get things done? Questions like these will tell you a lot about how passionate a candidate is.

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