How do IT Staffing Agencies Work to Find You the Right Candidate?

Small start-ups or mid-sized organizations often find it difficult to fill positions with qualified employees. Different companies have different hiring needs – some companies require temporary or full time staff while some might need contract or project based hiring. From intern or entry level to executive and manager level hiring – companies need people with specific skills and knowledge for positions of different levels. IPSTS is the professional IT staffing agency to bridge the gap between employer looking for a right candidate and employee looking for a right job according to his skillset.

We already have a huge talent pool with variety of highly skilled professionals that companies might struggle to find. Being a professional IT staffing agency, we help companies with quick access to right talent which makes the hiring process much smooth and convenient for both employer and employees. Hiring a good staffing agency provides the much needed peace of mind to businesses as it can free up much of their time by easing the workload. If you are too in need of hiring staff but wondering how do the staffing agencies work, read on:

  1. Business approaches the agency:

People often confuse between staffing agency and employment agency whereas there is a thin line of difference between them. Staffing agencies work for the employer where employment agencies work for the employees. Employers contact the staffing agency that specializes in their industry. IPSTS specializes in IT staffing where we spend time and money in building and maintaining a large talent pool so that your HR team don’t have to spend their valuable time finding, screening and interviewing candidates that ultimately don’t fit for your business.

  1. Communicate your requirement:

After hiring an agency, the businesses need to state their requirements clearly. The number of workers needed, the time period and every other detail need to be specifically conveyed. At IPSTS, our first action always remains understanding the needs of our clients. A job description needs to be created that perfectly describes the responsibilities and skills needed for a candidate. The business also should mention specific business policies, leave, break or dress code so that the representative can get the understanding of the corporate culture of that organization and search for the right candidate based on that.

  1. Application shortlist & interview:

Professional staffing agencies usually have quick access to qualified candidates from their large talent pool. They also look for the right candidate from different professional channels. Candidates can also browse the job openings posted by the agency in different channels. The staffing agency does the initial screening by reviewing skills and background of the candidate. Once a candidate suits all the criteria of the employer, the agency conduct screening interview to narrow down the pool further. Once the agency gets their hands on selected candidates, employers may take the final interview depending on the position to decide who they want to hire.

  1. Settle the fees:

Hiring an employee comes with lots of financial and legal risks. Professional staffing agencies handle most of the paperwork and legal responsibilities involved in hiring an employee. Staffing agencies charge the employer depending on the job roles, responsibilities and position of the hired candidate. They also manage certain employment taxes, contracts, insurance coverage, social security etc. maintaining complete confidentiality. They also offer flexibility with satisfaction assurance to the employer. In case of any necessary termination, the agencies identify a replacement quickly that can save much valuable time and money for the employer.

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