IT Staff Augmentation: Common Challenges & Their Solutions

Businesses are moving at lightning speed and there is a constant pressure of surviving in the market by staying ahead of competitors. Internal IT teams are getting consumed to the neck and as a result, project backlogs are becoming lengthier. Sometimes, handling complex tasks like developing custom software or mobile application are often beyond the capabilities of the internal IT team. Companies across the globe are turning to IT staff augmentation to streamline the software development process.

IPSTS is a leading IT staffing agency in Michigan helping companies to meet their development needs by giving them access to a larger talent pool globally with the needed skills to keep up with the demand. By opting for staff augmentation, IT companies can rapidly scale their capabilities without a long-term salary commitment. This outsourcing strategy is getting popular for its convenience, efficiency, affordability and flexibility.

However, staff augmentation arrangements too come with their own unique set of challenges that demand a smart and systematic approach to get the best out of everyone. Let’s find out the common challenges and their possible solutions:

Communication issues:

Communication barrier is certainly the most common problem in case of any remote work. Non-responsive remote partners are headaches for the businesses. It is very frustrating to let hours go by without any update of the progress of the tasks. Plus, wrong communication often leads to mismatched expectations and dissatisfaction for both the client and service provider. IPSTS always sets up a solid communication plan from the beginning to avoid any hitch further. We are committed to responding to emails and phone calls to resolve various concerns and thus our clients can be assured of reaching staff whenever they need.

Time zone issues:

Huge time zone differences between outsourcing clients and staff augmentation companies often cause unwanted hindrances to the project. Augmented workers are often asked to match the time zone of the client which does not always attract top talents. Being an IT staffing agency in Michigan, time zone issue will not be an issue while working with IPSTS as most outsourcing clients are located in the US. The staffs can be available in normal business hours and work alongside the client team which will streamline the development process.

Quality issues:

It takes a lot to conceptualize software, hiring the right team and then developing and testing the software relentlessly so that the final product meets end-user demands. It is a nightmare for outsourcing clients if the final product fails to meet their standards. One of the main reasons behind it might be mismatched expectations and different ideas of the client and their augmented staff about how the end product should look and function. The ideal solution should be setting clear expectation from the beginning with written documentation of communication schedule, project parameters and response deadlines.

Monitoring issues:

You might wonder if the temporary hires will be as reliable or dedicated as your permanent staff. This might be a legitimate hesitation as monitoring them always is not possible. So, cross-check the information supplied in the CV and also gather detailed information about the reputation of the staffing agency. IPSTS always makes sure to choose the best people for a certain project for our client who are efficient as well as professional. We arrange effective training program for our staff so that they can seamlessly integrate themselves into a new team.

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