How to Ensure Successful Staff Augmentation in Your Business?

Staff augmentation is a popular outsourcing strategy that allows companies to quickly scale up their capabilities. Shortage of tech talents prompted many established companies and startups to switch from in-house development to IT staff augmentation. In the era of technological globalization, IT staff augmentation is an effective tool for bridging the skills gap within the organization and stay relevant in this rapidly changing agile environment. When businesses across the globe are looking for ways to reduce operational and management costs, IT staff augmentation is the perfect solution to get in touch with remote developers, knowledgeable in a particular technology and work smoothly on projects in a cost-effective way.

Though staff augmentation is a great collaboration model, companies often fail to make the most of it. The reliability of a full-time workforce and flexibility of project outsourcing – both can be achieved through staff augmentation if implemented correctly. Here we discuss some ways to make IT staff augmentation work for your business and assure long-term success.

  1. Communicate clearly:

Lack of clear communication might lead to workplace failures. There should be scope for open communication between the staff augmentation agency and the business established at the early stage of development. As augmented staff mostly works remotely, open all communication channels for smooth coordination with your in-house team members. Schedule regular meetings and encourage the sharing of ideas to facilitate collaboration. Also, define the roles and responsibilities of each team member clearly so that everyone gets aware of their individual participation involved in the project.

  1. Choose short-term projects:

IT staff augmentation solution works best for one-time projects that have limited time requirement. For projects like software development, website or app development – hiring offshore developers is always profitable. Hiring a full-time employee for a single project that is going to be one-time will be a financial burden to the company. Let your in-house employees handle the long-term job of maintaining the web or mobile app. Avail the maximum benefits of staff augmentation by hiring developers on a project basis.


  1. Identify talent gaps:

Do an in-depth analysis of the business processes or perform a talent audit that can give you an insight into existing talent gaps within the organization. If there is any unique skill set required to deliver a quality project that too in a tight deadline – always choose augmentation. Developers from IT staffing agencies like IPSTS are experienced at delivering short-term projects faster without compromising on quality. Different management tools like Asana, Jira can help you to stay on schedule, meet budget and adhere to quality standards.

  1. Document your codes:

Always prioritize documenting your codes as software requires constant updating and maintenance. If multiple developers are working on a project, the documentation will make it easier for them to spot bugs or potential risks. The hiring organization can keep track of the development by outsourcing team members at different stages through proper documentation. Companies must ensure that the augmented team is keeping a record of their code at every stage.

  1. Partner with a reputed staffing company:

IPSTS is a reputed IT staff augmentation agency with proven expertise and portfolio of successfully executed projects. Leave your recruiting and administrative hassle to us while scaling up your business with highly qualified tech talents.

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