Amazing Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services for Boosting Your Business

You are an IT company with a team of employees for handling various projects. Now, you close a big project that will add great value to your company profile but your present team does not have the additional skill it requires or they are too consumed to take up the project. What will you do? Will you let it go? Enter staff augmentation.

It is a flexible outsourcing strategy where you can get fast access to a global talent pool with specialized skill sets that fit your requirements for a particular project. Hiring permanent IT staff comes with its set of challenges that involve finding the cream of talent, training and retaining them. For many organizations, it is a robust business strategy to hire IT staff augmentation companies for on-demand project management.

Demand for project-based hiring is on the rise for all the right reasons. IPSTS is one of the top IT staff augmentation companies in Michigan that takes pride in helping clients with faster hires without compromising on the quality professionals with a customized approach. Here we discuss the amazing benefits of staff augmentation that companies should seriously consider:

  1. Competitive advantage:

Staff augmentation helps companies to gain a competitive advantage as well as enable them to be prepared to take up any project even if their in-house team lacks the required skill and knowledge. Finding the right talent is a time consuming as well as an expensive process. With staff augmentation, you can get your hands on skilled professionals who will dedicate 100% of their time and effort for a particular project. This will help in completing the project before time and give you a competitive advantage.

  1. Cost-effective:

Companies that go for staff augmentation have always cost saving in their mind. From finding the right talent, hiring a full-time employee to retain them involves great financial expenditure. Augmenting existing staff with specialized professionals to work on short-term, specific needs of the business, you can avoid overhead costs like tax benefits, salary, insurance, company perks and other expenses. As you are already getting hold of a team equipped with all skills required for a project, you don’t have to train them as well.


  1. Skilled workforce:

Staff augmentation is the perfect solution for managing on-demand project pressure by hiring top-talents in a cost-effective way. These temporary professionals bring fresh skills, ideas and perspective that eventually lead to streamlined production and improved efficiency. This way, you can evaluate professionals without hiring them permanently and take better hiring decisions. You can get access to new skills who can meet aggressive deadlines. Later, temporary staff that suit the requirements of the business can be absorbed as full-time hiring under your company payroll.

  1. Control over project:

A major advantage of staff augmentation is, the employer company can retain its control over the project and employee. Outsourcing your project completely to a third-party, you might not have the freedom to choose the team or say who does what. In case of staff augmentation, you have more control over the project and team as they will be working alongside your in-house team which makes it easier to monitor the progress of temporary hires working on a project. This way, you can prioritize your resources depending on the deliverables and maintain project confidentiality in a better way.

  1. Flexibility:

In times of unstable economy, hiring and firing process will be much smoother through staff augmentation. As it will be project-based hiring, the team will dissolve on project submission and completion and you don’t have to go through the hiring headaches every time you need some additional support. It is also easier to replace a developer by cooperating with your augmentation partner without spending additional money.

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