5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Staffing Agency

Businesses need an adequate supply of qualified employees for achieving steady growth. Lack of qualified talent at their disposal, companies is finding it more and more difficult to even keep up with the competition. In IT sector, this problem is more prominent as businesses often face sudden demand for the workforce to meet project-based requirements. That’s why the demand for IT staff augmentation is steadily increasing. Hiring through a staffing agency allows companies to have the opportunity to evaluate the employee before taking on the liability for their employment.

However, choosing the right IT staff augmentation agency is a tough task. As IPS Technology Services specializes in professional IT staffing services, allow us to share 5 questions that you must ask before hiring a staffing agency:

1.      What does the staffing agency specialize in?

There are many staffing agencies in the market and they offer a broad range of services. You must ask them what is their niche specialities. There are staffing agencies for every profession but you must choose a firm that typically focuses on your specific industry or has great expertise in selecting candidates for the positions you are seeking to fill. IPSTS specializes in IT staff augmentation services where we have access to a substantial talent pool for faster hiring without any compromise on the quality.

2.      How do they conduct the screening of candidates?

The staffing agency should carefully screen candidates before presenting them to the clients. Not only the knowledge, ability or skill assessment but they should do some background checks such as immigration status/employment eligibility, criminal backgrounds, licensure, and employment/education verification etc. Initial interviews for checking all these critical matters can save you a lot of time and money. When a candidate satisfies these initial needs, hiring managers can concentrate on other traits like communication and problem-solving skills, personality, professionalism to make a selection.

3.      Do they understand your needs?

Every agency has its own style and method of onboarding. It’s important to understand if the staffing agency is aligned with your business needs. For finding a perfect candidate that will meet your requirements, the hiring agency must have a deep understanding of both the client and the candidate. At IPSTS, our first action is always to understand your needs and then provide services as required.

4.      How large (and strong) is the agency’s talent pool?

A good staffing agency should have a wider pool of candidates with diverse backgrounds so that it becomes easy to find the right employee for your business. They should know where and how to post ads to get maximum valid responses. The recruiters must be experienced enough to ask the right questions to the candidates and identify the most suitable candidate to fill the position. At IPSTS, we spend time and money building and maintaining a talent pool to result in faster access to IT talent.

5.      What’s their fee structure and contract terms?

Before making the final decision, know about the agency’s fee structure and contract terms to avoid any unpleasant billing surprises later on. If you are not satisfied with a temporary worker, do they provide a replacement? Choose an agency with flexible contract terms to maximize the result.

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