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Interview Questions for Temporary Employees to Ensure Successful Hiring

With temporary hiring on the rise, staff augmentation is a great way to manage dynamic requirement of skilled staff for a limited period. A growing part of American businesses are opting for staff augmentation on a skill requirement basis or … Continue reading

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IT Staff Augmentation: Common Challenges & Their Solutions

Businesses are moving at lightning speed and there is a constant pressure of surviving in the market by staying ahead of competitors. Internal IT teams are getting consumed to the neck and as a result, project backlogs are becoming lengthier. … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Custom Application Partner for Your Business?

In this technology-driven era, developing and maintaining a custom application that perfectly suits the business requirements eliminating the use of multiple applications for specific business functions is the need of the hour. There are plenty of custom application development companies … Continue reading

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How Custom Software Development is a Cost-Effective Alternative?

In this highly competitive market, custom software gives companies an upper hand in business and allows staying ahead of others. As custom software involves higher initial cost, many small or mid businesses resort to off the shelf software even though … Continue reading

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