What is the Project Discovery Phase in Custom Software Development?

So you came up with an idea for a new product. What will be the next step? You should be able to get a rough estimate of the project’s time and cost from custom software development agencies. In most cases, they will not be able to give an accurate estimate of development costs and timeline after your request. A development team needs a lot more information than you think before providing an estimate.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Certainly, this is the discovery phase of the project. In this article, we will discuss the process involved in product discovery stages, as well as its goals, objectives, and benefits for end-users.

What is the project discovery phase?

A software project discovery phase is a preeminent stage of custom software development. In a nutshell, it collects and analyzes data to understand customer business requirements. As a result, clients receive accurate project estimations and development costs.

In addition, the software vendors should also focus on the product discovery process. It enables them to clarify and define the following questionnaire: 

  • How does the customer’s business work, and what are its aspects?
  • How do you define the target audience for an application?
  • Who are the end-users of the product?

The possible formats of the project delivery phase

There are three options for conducting a discovery meeting efficiently: on-site, on the client’s premises, or remotely. Select the format that best suits your team. While developing an application, there are many factors to consider, including the time difference, the distance from your developer, and your personal preferences.

What are the key roles in product discovery?

Normally, both the development agency and the client will list the specialists who will attend the meeting. Check out the key players and their roles in product discovery:

  • The product manager/business analyst
  • The UX/UI designer
  • The software developer lead
  • The stakeholders

In conclusion, effective customer-vendor collaboration requires both parties’ active involvement.

A project discovery phase involves the following tasks

Here are some of the core tasks that were solved during the product discovery process.

  • Investigate the subject area

An end-user describes how the product should work, its main functions, and user flows at this stage.

  • Identification of bottlenecks

Software agencies analyze input data and identify bottlenecks based on client expectations. The business logic may include specific features or implementations.

  • Provide high-level solutions to the anticipated challenges

Technical experts provide high-level solutions to the anticipated project problems. Custom software development enterprises must explain to their clients why a particular architecture solution meets their needs perfectly.

Wrapping Up

In custom software development, product discovery is a useful and efficient way for clients to validate their product ideas. As well as getting accurate time estimates and web app development costs, they also identify their business goals. As a result, customers and project teams are prepared for transparent and clear development processes. At IPS Technology Solutions, we place a high priority on this stage of development. With our excellent custom software development service, we’ll help you develop your project ideas and turn them into reality.

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