Deciphering the Mobile App Development Cost: 3 Essential Factors to Consider

Mobile application development is the need of the hour, as every enterprise needs a mobile app. There exist several mobile app development companies that offer mobile app development services at varying prices, and this number is certainly going to increase in the coming years.

With growing technology upgrades and so much competition, the future of mobile application development looks very promising since numerous mobile app development companies are creating new mobile application ideas that need technology expertise and complex development efforts to develop features.

However, when identifying the cost of a mobile application, it’s quite challenging to assume because of the involvement of complex mobile architecture, innovative feature requirements, platform usage, integration, database structure, technology, etc.

So, the answer to your question, how much does mobile app development cost, is tough! To learn about the mobile app development costs, we need to answer:

What are the factors influencing mobile application development costs?

Top 3 Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Costs

Here are the important factors to consider when evaluating mobile application development costs:

  • Outsourced/In-house

Mobile app development can be outsourced or in-house. In-house development necessitates a lot of effort and personnel. The main challenge is getting the apt skill set and creating a good unit. In-house application development is time-consuming, complex, and expensive, and only big enterprises can manage in-house application development.

With outsourced development, companies can take advantage of the expertise available from a leading custom mobile app development company and the low app development costs in different zones globally. The main limitation of outsourced development is that it’s challenging to watch over the app development process daily. However, good app development companies update you regarding the development on a daily basis.

  • App Features and Requirements

Every application has diverse needs and a set of features, and the cost totally depends on this. Simple mobile applications have only the basic feature-set that’s common to most of the applications. These need very less development cost and time. Advanced applications have a basic feature set with a few additional features. These features might not be available in most applications, but aren’t unique. Customized mobile apps have certain unique features that might not be available in the market. These require extra development effort, time, and a lot of brainstorming and thus cost more.

Mobile app costing also depends on the total number of screens as well as the complexity of the screens. If the application needs third-party integrations, it’ll need extra effort and time. Thus, these cost more.

  • Type of the Application

Depending on the platform that the application is developed for, the mobile application can be hybrid or native. Native apps work either on the iOS platform or Android, not both. For more reach, enterprises need hybrid apps – the ones that work on both platforms. Hybrid applications are developed to perform exceptionally well on both iOS and Android and thus need higher development costs and time than native applications.

Among native apps, Android applications need more time to develop, increasing the basic development rate. But, it’s easy to get an Android app submitted on the Google Play Store since it charges just $25 (one-time fee).

iOS apps take less time to develop. These applications are focused on higher design efforts and attractive displays. It’s also difficult to get the mobile app approved on the Apple App Store since it charges $99 yearly. But, iOS app development costs less than Android apps.

Winding Up

Determining the cost of creating an app is intricate, given the many influencing factors. Businesses should consider these factors to get an estimate. If the entire process seems daunting, you can consult a reputable mobile app development company to learn more about the same.

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