Review the Statistics and Hire a Professional IT Staffing Company

Take a quick look at the US economy and you will discover that the recruiting, staffing and workforce solution industry has a very important role. This particular sector makes a vital contribution. The industry is known to provide outstanding career and job opportunities to approximately 16 million employees every year.

***Here are a few important facts as follows:

  • Approximately three million contractual and temporary employees work specifically for the USA’s staffing companies in an average week.
  • However, during the course of a year, the staffing companies of America hire 16 million contractual and temporary employees.
  • It has been noted that clients approach staffing companies to get access to IT talent or to achieve professional workforce flexibility.
  • The statistics indicate that there are approximately 25000 recruiting and staffing companies which operate from around 49000 offices. Some 76% of offices and 56% of companies are involved in the contractual and temporary staffing sector.

So, looking at the statistics, if you want to enlist the help of a staffing agency, why not contact IPS technology, one of the leading professional IT staffing companies in Michigan.

It is clear that finding new talent, most importantly the right talent, remains a major challenge for smaller companies especially. Assessing applications, interviewing the applicants and then negotiating their salaries is time consuming work. The cost of this time and the risk of poor hiring decisions may end up adversely affecting the overall business in the long run.  

This has led more and more employers to partner with professional IT staffing companies. However, not all staffing companies are created equal, so be very careful while choosing your service provider. You have every right to expect that they will take a professional approach to your hiring requirements.

Why consider IPS Technology Services?

IT staffing services from a reliable and professional staffing specialist ensure that your company is in the freed to focus upon core business activity. IPSTS has a proven track record of successful screening and recruiting for more than 100+ clients in a wide range of industry sectors. As one of the leading IT staffing companies in Michigan, the IPSTS team has provided clients with access to an exceptional pool of IT talent with a wide range of skill sets.

Importantly, IPS technology services provide end-to-end IT services. Here are some of the main reasons as to why employers rely on IPSTS rather than hiring an in-house IT team.

Dedicated support: Unlike any in-house teams, IT staffing firms like IPSTS work 24*7 to cater to employers’ technical resourcing requirements. 

Low Cost: One of the main objectives for many clients in hiring IPSTS is cost-ffectiveness. When compared to an in-house team, a professional IT staffing company will cost approximately half of the annual package of the equivalent in-house resource. 

Scalability: IPSTS ensures that your company meets its specific recruiting needs. IPSTS works closely and always identifies the right professionals purely based on the employer’s specific needs.

Risk management: It has been demonstrated that SMEs are particularly susceptible to destructive IT glitches and cyber threats. So, candidate selection from IT staffing firms will benefit from proven screening processes. Candidates and hires with the right skills can identify potential security risks that might jeopardize the employer’s business. 


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