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IPS Technology Services has been applauded for its enterprising work in cloud custom software application development at its Southeast Michigan base. IPS Technology Services has built an exceptional tool for a business looking to overhaul its systems, and it has been acknowledged for its groundbreaking piece of kit that’s made all the difference to their valued customer. How it all began…

When a Michigan-based telecommunication carrier firm faced some real challenges keeping up with its communications, they began to look for outsourced help in an effort to bring structure and organisation to their content output.

They got to breaking point with their paperwork last year as they struggled to cope with distribution and management of all documents, including announcements, policies, press releases, mission statements, birthdays and other important internal communications. So they reached out to Michigan’s leading custom software application development agency – IPS Technology Services.

Experts highlighted a major breakthrough to solve their issues: the centralization of all documents, sites, links and other items that can be shared and managed from one intranet, built on a specific SharePoint platform. Designed to the client’s requirements, IPS Technology Services developed a strong proposal and detailed plan, addressing the need to manage the standardized taxonomy, metadata and folksonomy. Essentially, building an efficient search algorithm to build a cutting edge platform to be used by its own workforce to enhance their internal communications. The client was in need of an expert software development agency and IPS Technology Services successfully stepped in.

IPSTS were proud to work with their client to help boost its existence in its industry and create better working practices, help to boost morale across the board and improve efficiencies, logistics and all output.

From The CEO’s Desk

After the success of this particular project, Mr. Pradip Sengupta, the President and CEO of IPS Technology Services, stated: “We proposed all technology and tools available in SharePoint 2013 architecture, and priced the project appropriately to pass the benefit to our client.” He added: “We have used our years of knowledge and experience to develop the site with an impressive timeline and the best price.  I am very glad we won their business.”


The agency is known to provide end-to-end IT services. Using the state-of-the-art tools like SharePoint, C#, .Net, Saas, VB, SQL Server, Oracle or using third party software, IPSTS develops custom applications. IPS Technology Services provides IT services in six particular areas:


  • IT Staffing (SQL Server, Java, Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle, Dot Net, BA and PM)
  • Mobile Application Development and Integration
  • SharePoint, Technology Consulting and Enterprise Architecture
  • Healthcare IT with the help of EHR
  • Website Development, Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Engineering IT services

Why Should You Hire A Professional Custom Application Development Company?

If you’re thinking about a customized application for your business, choosing a professional developer may become an important task. Instead of sticking to the rigid norms of building a common business app, you can easily create your own app with the help of a team of professionals who will come up with the right solutions, including a state-of-the-art system that is tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

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