How IT Application Development Services Have Proved to be Beneficial for the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry is probably the most rapidly evolving industry in the world with transformations taking place almost every day. Technological innovations and inventions have given wings to this industry and all of us are benefitting from the same. Now with a medical app in place, you can contact a doctor directly, seek consultation, discuss your problems, order medicine and also do reporting – and all this just with the help of an application, which might run on your laptop or desktop or your smartphone. Thanks to IT application development services, it is possible to handle general well-being and healthcare issues smoothly. It is estimated that by 2025, global app market for medical industry can generate revenue of almost USD 111.1 billion. If you are associated to the healthcare industry and the company doesn’t have an app yet, it is high time to get it done.

How IT application development is beneficial for the healthcare industry?

Mentioned below are some features which are present in almost all apps which are for the healthcare industry along with their benefits:

  • Information about the physician–With the help of this feature, patients can search for doctors based on their name, specialty, location, availability and other parameters. Before making a final appointment, the doctor’s profile can also be checked on the app.


  • Geolocation–It might happen that a patient needs immediate medical assistance for some reason. With geo location, integrated map services are available. With this it is possible to locate nearby health centers or hospitals. Healthcare providers also reach to a patient with this feature when there is an acute emergency situation.


  • Database of patient information–When a patient visits a doctor or gets admitted in a hospital, lots of documentation takes place regarding the patient. With the help of the app, detailed patient information remains with the physicians. Even patients can access this data. Medical history, reports, pathological investigations, prescriptions etc. – everything gets stored in the app. Whenever there is need, the data can be accessed.


  • Reminders and scheduling–When an IT application development takes place for the healthcare industry, it is obvious that it will have a ‘reminders and scheduling’ feature. With this feature, one can book doctor appointments without any hassle. Reminders can also be set for various activities like water intake, medicine intake, targets of daily calorie consumption etc.


  • Tracking vital statistics of patients–In many cases it has been seen that it is important to monitor the vital statistics of a patient regularly. Things which are included in this are heart rate, blood pressure, calorie intake, blood sugar levels etc.


  • Real time communication via chats–Patients can get access to their doctors via real time chat systems which is integrated with the app. Timely assistance via the app has proved to be life-saving for many patients. A firm trust is established between the patient and the doctor.


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