5 Link Building Best Practices to Increase and Maintain Ranking

“The best place for hiding a dead body is really on the 2nd page of Google or beyond.”


In the world of SEO, it is a common phrase as people searching for something on Google do not go past page 1 of the search results. According to studies, about 91.5% of search engine clicks occur on the first page and if you want to drive traffic towards our website, you have to rank yours right there. There is no denying the fact that proper link building should be a key part of any successful SEO strategy to rank your website on Google. IPS Technology Services offers a full suite of SEO services to get your website ranking up and drive organic traffic.

While high quality backlinks can make your website a favorite to Google, low-quality backlinks can penalize it big time. Let’s discuss some of the best practices of Link Building to follow:

  1. Get contextual links:

Links act as a signal for search engines to discover new contents and good links are like testimonials that tell them that the content is worthwhile. Publish content that seems relevant and attracts links naturally. Contextual links are embedded within a blog or article that are more likely to be clicked and hold visitor’s attention. A website with relevant content and contextual links explain where the link is pointing and what the user can expect to see when they click a link. This assures more traffic and credibility of the link which is highly valued to Google.

  1. Check competitor backlinks:

The easiest way to build relevant backlinks is going through the websites that are linking to your competitor’s site. Do thorough research and pick up some best backlinks of your most important competitors. If you can get the majority of them linking back to your site, then it will be easy for you to outrank them on Google. Replicate some of their best backlinks from blogger review, editorial mention, directories, forum posts, blog comments etc. Our specialized SEO services can help you get ahead of your competitors by grabbing attention of your target audience.

  1. Create awesome content:

Content is the king and there is no better alternative than writing good content to get quality backlinks. Create visual, interactive and engaging content to keep your visitors hooked to your site. Find out reputable websites in your niche and write engaging guest articles including clickable links directing to your site. By publishing quality content on third party websites, you can drive direct traffic to your website while earning high quality backlinks.

  1. Broken link building:

You can build backlinks by replacing links to 404 pages with a working link. Search for websites in your niche linking to outdated resources, notify the webmaster regarding the issue and offer your website as a resource. This is a great way to build quality one-way backlinks as instead of asking for something, you are offering help.

  1. Vary your anchor text:

Targeted branding or service keywords in your backlink anchor text get immediate attention and provide ranking benefit. However, you should bring variation in your anchor text. Anchor text is used to link one page to another and Google algorithm considers it as an indication of what a page is about. Using your main targeted keywords repeatedly for every single inbound link you create can be suspicious to Google which might affect your ranking. Try to rotate your anchor text and make it natural by mixing separate keywords.

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