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custom software solutions

In today’s socio-economic landscape, technology has a very important role to play in people’s lives. Right from farming to education and manufacturing, in every aspect there is inclusion of technology. Tools like IoT, AI and custom software have completely transformed the way people carry out various business processes as these tools not only reduce manual labor, also reduce errors and redundancy, thus helping in optimization of revenue.

IPS Technology services, one of the best software company in Michigan has helped many businesses optimize their processes with the help of custom built software with a systematic approach. Their thorough understanding of the process, expertise in the domain and fair practices has won them many high value clients. Custom software built by IPSTS has especially benefitted many small and large scale manufacturers in the following ways:

Effective Monitoring:

In a manufacturing unit, several machines and units work in unison to make the final product. All the machinery used in a factory also has specific calibrations which must be maintained at all times in order to get the desired outcome. The deployment of custom software along with AI and ML algorithms can ensure that all these parameters are maintained so that there are no errors in the final outcome.

Enhanced Production and Planning Control:

In the highly competitive times that we live in today, it is extremely important to optimize all business processes to eliminate any scope of wastage and redundancy. Custom made software helps with proper planning and management of resources, machines and raw materials which automatically lead to optimization of the entire manufacturing process, thus enhancing revenue opportunities.

Better Business Insights:

Insightful business intelligence goes a long way in optimizing a manufacturing unit. Along with custom built software to monitor and manage every system and process, AI and Machine Learning has additionally helped with harvesting Big Data and using the insights in enhancing the business. With the help of specific BI, people in-charge can always have a better control over inventory management, employee management and various other functions related to a manufacturing unit. Manufacturers can cut down wastage as well as maintenance and downtime costs with the help of predictive analysis, automated reporting, data mining and such other features. All these functionalities can be integrated with custom business solutions in order to enhance the software’s capabilities.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management:

With custom built software in place, manufacturing units can effectively keep a track of the available raw materials, the position of each unit in the process flow, the ready inventory, the number of pending orders, the total number of packaged units and more. Accurate knowledge of all these aspects can help the organizations make precise decisions regarding procurement, production and delivery and thus optimize the unit’s capacity.

Improved Customer Relationship Management:

With custom software in place, a manufacturing unit can effectively enhance its efforts at improving its relationship with the customers and stakeholders. Right from settling the bills to offering hyper-personalized services, with the help of custom software, manufacturers can always create that wow factor for their customers and stake holders.

As of now only about 10% of global manufacturing companies have implemented a robust digital strategy. However, with trusted technology partners like IPSTS to help with building and deploying custom software, many more manufacturing units can successfully enhance their production capacity and multiply their revenue prospects.


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