Integrated Machine Learning with SharePoint

Integrated Machine Learning with SharePoint

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In today’s business ecosystem structured data is of paramount importance as it helps businesses get an insight into all aspects of its performance. Machine learning algorithms have made it easier for organizations to harness the potential of big data.

SharePoint, which was initially developed as a tool to handle mid-size data, is already in the process of acclimatizing to this new environment and can now seamlessly work with big-data. IPSTS has helped many businesses with Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services to harness the power of both Machine Learning and Share Point in order to leverage their business processes.

Here’s an overview on how the integration of the two revolutionary systems is helping both small and large scale businesses.

Text Analytics:

Every business that uses SharePoint leverages it as a repository for various documents and Machine Learning helps with appropriate tagging of the same. Machine Learning can also help with quick and accurate retrieval of the required documents, leveraging the whole system for functions like application evaluation or document classification

Workflow Automation:

With the help of SharePoint and Machine Learning, it has become easier to collaborate with multiple people and teams. Business processes can be effectively captured and workflows created and published with ease. With the help of Machine Learning, it also becomes much easier to integrate various parameters that can allow activation of different stages of the workflow.

Cognitive Analysis:

With the improved and enhanced version of Share Point and its integration with Machine Learning, it is now possible to carry out cognitive analysis of huge data sets. With the help of machine learning, businesses can now leverage their marketing techniques as it has become easier to analyze social media posts and customer feedback and understand the key sentiments around a product or service

Image Analytics:

Share Point and Machine learning works together to facilitate object recognition, identification of extractable text images, gather geo-location data and then tag them into various metadata columns in different document libraries relevant to the business. This also enables quick filtering and searching of specific information.

List Creation:

While Share Point’s ability to create lists was already highly sought after, with the integration of Machine Learning, centralization of large quantities of business data has become fairly simple. Curating lists to suit specific business requirements, copying lists, using pre-existing formats, importing lists from Ms. Excel as well as copying the same from different platforms has become much easier. Structured storage of data using ‘metadata’ further helps in automating the process of tagging of documents. Data analysis and classification along with report generation is also facilitated with the integration of these two systems.

Office 365 Integrations facilitating Real-time updates:

 Most businesses use different applications like Outlook, Planner etc. and with the help of Machine Learning Share Point users can link these and get real-time updates without having to refresh the pages manually every time. Viewing libraries and lists has become much easier with this integrated approach.

Integration with Power BI:

The integration of Machine Learning with Share Point has leveraged business intelligence. Data mining and drawing useful insights from the analysis has become much simpler with these automations. Professionals can now make accurate and updated reports with the help of the insights they can get from the real-time data analysis and categorization that these tools facilitate.

IPSTS, with its SharePoint consulting services has helped many organizations successfully integrate Share Point 360 and Machine Learning to leverage their business process with real-time insights and structured data.


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