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SharePoint consultant In today’s business ecosystem, Microsoft Share Point has literally become a way of life. Having evolved from being an on-premise solution to a robust cloud based platform, Microsoft Share Point currently has over ninety one thousand customers and a market share of over sixty two percent[1]. It is also deemed as one of the best collaboration software available and is extensively used across various industries.

IPS Technology services, is the trusted technology partner to many big corporate houses. IPSTS has helped many organizations with their dedicated Share Point migration and SharePoint consultant services. Consultants at IPSTS have the most updated skill stack in order to successfully deploy the software and they even continue to upgrade and up-skill.

Share Point is evolving and software professionals need to stay updated in order to have that competitive edge. Skills that can go a long way in ensuring a Share Point consultant’s success in 2023 and beyond are as follows:

Knowledge of Out of the Box Tools:

For a professional to work effortlessly with Share Point, it is important to have working knowledge of the system. In depth knowledge of tools like Visio, InfoPath, Power Shell, Visual Studio, Share Point Object Model as well as Share point Designer is extremely crucial to successfully deploying Share Point in an organization. The consultant should thus have proven experience in working with Share Point as simply having knowledge of .NET or Java might not help while working with out of the box tools.

PnP and SPFx:

An alternative to the traditionally used .NET syntax, SPFx is used to help with smooth transition of Share Point from a server based development approach to a modern system. Another skill and trend that is expected to make waves in future is PnP or Patterns and Practices which includes a comprehensive view of a new SharePoint development ecosystem.


Along with the ASP and .NET skills, knowledge of C# will immensely help in building great Share Point solutions.

Rest API and jQuery:

Rest API and jQuery are simpler and lighter ways of interacting remotely with Share Point. These programs eliminate the need for writing heavy codes and make the system more accessible and agile. However, integrating these features with Share Point requires thorough knowledge of this Java Script library. jQuery has advanced plugins for functionalities like CSS manipulation, effects and animations, AJAX, HTML manipulation and more and only a professional having thorough knowledge of the system will be able to optimally utilize these functionalities.


In order to run the web pages and leverage the compatibility with Internet Explorer 10, it has now become extremely crucial for Share Point consultants to have thorough knowledge of HTML5.


CSS gives developers the ability to override the Out of Box styles that come with Share Point. It helps developers give Share Point a face lift and as such is an important skill that developers must have in the upcoming years.

Ability to assess and understand the end user’s needs:

Share Point gives a plethora of out of the box elements to the end users in order to leverage document management, file sharing, making lists and more. The developer however needs to understand and assess the end user’s problems and requirements in order to leverage the solutions and optimize the whole system.

Communication and Training:

For any company offering SharePoint consultant services, the job never ends with deployment of the tool. The consultant has to also ensure that the end users are able to use the system and leverage the same in order to increase their productivity. The consultant thus needs to be articulate, patient and good with documentation and training too.

Professionals at IPSTS are hailed as the most trusted and dependable Sharepoint Migration consultants in Michigan. Along with sound knowledge of the technology, the professionals at IPSTS also have excellent communication skills which together help in making every deployment seamless and effective.


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