Common Mistakes made while choosing an IT staffing firm

In the IT industry where there is an incessant demand for new resources with specific skill sets, finding and hiring the best resources is often a challenge. The process of hiring people with specific skills can get quite complicated as it needs the complete coordination of many teams working within the organization. All this often leads to inadequate hiring and even a short supply of the right skill stack.

IT staffing companies have been able to address this challenge quite well and play a great role in filling the gap. Whether you need help with professional IT staffing in Michigan or in Alabama, you can now find reliable staffing partners quite easily. IPSTS is one such organization that can be your best IT staffing partner in Michigan. IPSTS has a robust procedure in place to match the skills and experience of the shortlisted candidates with the job requirements. They also have a vast talent pool to tap into whenever a requirement arises, thus reducing the hiring time and helping companies fill their positions fast. IPSTS also has a wide network of tech professionals with various skill stacks who can take up various freelance projects and help companies augment their project teams within a short span of time.

While there are many benefits of having an IT staffing company on board, at times the whole idea falls flat because of a few mistakes that the companies hiring such partners make.

Here’s an overview on the common mistakes to avoid while choosing an IT staffing firm.

Only assessing the technical aspects:

Whenever a company wants to hire an IT staffing firm, it usually considers only the technical expertise of the company. However, this is one mistake that often leads to issues later on and disrupts the workflow. As such, before taking an IT staffing partner onboard, the company must ensure that it understands their organization’s culture. The company should be able to provide resources with good interpersonal as well as leadership skills so they can adapt to the organization’s work culture quickly and add value with their work and vision.

Giving priority to experience and overlooking other aspects:

While it is true that experience matters, a tech firm should never ignore aspects like innovation and vision.  However, this is one of the most common mistakes that such organizations make and simply take companies with years of experience on board. As such, while partnering with IT Staffing Company in SE Michigan or anywhere else in the United States, you must even give startups and independent recruiters a chance if they show that promise.

Not having clear understanding of their workflow:

Many a times, companies take IT staffing agencies on board without having a clear idea about their workflow and then end up sending fire mails to get the work done their way. This is one big mistake and must be avoided at all costs by having a clear understanding of the staffing agency’s workflow before getting them on board. Good understanding of their screening process, replacement policies as well as capabilities always works in favor of the partnership.

Not having clear communication guidelines:

When you hire a staffing agency, you must always try to ensure that there is no lack of communication. Even before you draw up the partnership agreement you must agree upon the communication process so that there is proper expectation setting. You should also ask for a SPOC or project manager who can be responsible for your account and be the single point of contact for all issues and queries. Doing this saves a lot of time unnecessary exchange of emails.

Opting for broad spectrum recruiters:

 Many a times, IT firms tend to partner with agencies that cater to all kinds of domains. However, this is one big mistake that must be avoided. In order to get the right staffing agency, you must always opt for companies like IPS Technology services, a professional IT staffing company in Michigan, who are into IT staffing for years and have a huge talent pool as well as network of technology professionals with different kinds of skill stack.

By avoiding these five mistakes, a technology company can always get the best IT staffing partner on board and streamline their process.


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