5 Technical Skills you should master at to get noticed by IT staff Augmentation companies

IT staff Augmentation

IT staff Augmentation

In today’s technology driven world, wherein almost every business entity needs custom software, getting the right team onboard for product development and deployment often becomes a challenge. In such a global scenario, the relevance of IT staffing has tremendously increased. Most reputed organizations that are in constant need of custom software nowadays rely on IT staffing companies  to get the right resources on board or to simply get an extended team to do the work.

IPS Technology services is one of the most successful IT staff Augmentation companies in the Michigan area and caters to a huge client base with specific requirements for certain skills. Organizations in need of professional IT staffing in Michigan completely trust IPSTS for resources with the right skill stack. Within their talent pool, IPSTS has professionals with a whole gamut of technical skills. The top 5 technical skills that the IPSTS professionals certainly have are as follows:

Knowledge of Javascript:

Javascript is perhaps the most popularly used programming language that is used all over the world. This programming language helps in the creation of highly interactive and intuitive websites and mobile apps for businesses of different scales. Developers use this for both, front end and backend developments. This programming language makes the whole development process quite easy and quick, thus speeding up the development life cycle of custom software.

Knowledge of Java:

Java is perhaps the oldest programming language that software developers have been using to create various software products. It is commonly referred to as the object-oriented programming language and is extremely easy to use as well as learn. Java’s garbage collection and memory allocation capabilities have made it a favorite with developers as they find executing distributed computing absolutely seamless with Java due to its huge networking capabilities. With Java, developers can create e-commerce apps, android apps and even large scale applications on enterprise level. Developers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of Java are also highly sought after by big corporations as even giant operating systems that we know of like Mac, Windows and Linux uses Java.

C Language:

This is another programming language that finds widespread use in development projects. Knowledge of C is so important because programming languages like C++, C#, E as well as Java have been developed on the fundamentals of C.


A recent rage amongst developers, Python is a high-level programming language that enhances code readability over C, that too in a few very simple steps and in the least possible time. Python is highly preferred by developers as it comes with pre-built support libraries. With the help of this programming language, skilled developers have developed various apps with a host of interesting functionalities. Gaming apps as well as apps for the desktop and web have been developed with the help of this software.


This is a fairly new programming language and professionals with knowledge of this language can create exciting new products in minimal time. This open source language offered by Google has some of the most exciting features like type indicator, operator overloading and typing inheritance. This language is also quite reliable, fast and easy to use owing to its deferred garbage collection.

Professionals with in-depth knowledge of these 5 languages and expertise in them can be of immense value to an organization. Professionals associated with IT staff augmentation services not only have expertise in one or more of these languages, are also well-versed with algorithms, data structures, database management systems and source control.

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