5 advantages of using ASP.Net for web development


Designed to work with the HTTP protocol, ASP.NET (Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies) since its release in the year 2002, has been one of the most preferred development platforms provided by Microsoft. From the very first version which was 1.0 to the latest i.e 4.6 ASP.Net has come a long way and given many a web applications a platform to function on. The ASP.Net application can be written in a variety of popular .Net languages like C#, VB.Net and J#.

The basic architecture of this framework includes the language, library and CLR or common language runtime and there are many advantages of using this platform. In fact, IPS Technology Services, which is a technology company offering custom software development services in Michigan opines that this is one of the most versatile platforms to work with. And based on their experience of working with the framework, here’s more on the five advantages of using ASP.Net for web development.

It is an open source platform:

ASP.NET is one of the most popular open source web frameworks on which developers can and have built secure, robust and scalable applications. Right from websites and desktop apps to mobile apps and services like Azure that run on cloud platforms, ASP.Net comes across as a great platform to build a host of programs and applications. Moreover, it being open source, several developers from all over the world contributes to its improvement, thus making sure that it is of top notch quality and also more affordable than it various other counterparts.  

It has many interesting tools to facilitate development:

ASP.NET is extremely versatile and offers various tools that users can make use of in order to facilitate the development of a particular project. Moreover, it also provides multi-platform support so the developers can work on their projects from all kinds of devices. Being a part of the majority of the windows-based software programs, ASP.Net facilitates very quick project developments while drastically reducing the cost and time required to complete a project.

Leverages the creation of highly scalable apps:

Most developers and technology companies prefer ASP Dot Net development over other platforms as this framework supports component-based architecture. This kind of a flexible architecture gives the facility to replace any component for a better performing alternative. URL Rewrite, HTTP Caching and session state service are a few examples of ASP.NET’s noteworthy scalable features.

Leverages Smooth Integration of security-centric projects:

Along with developing a whole software program, protecting the codes from cyber attacks is often one of the biggest concerns of coders. However, with ASP.NET, developers need not worry about this as they get a very secure platform to work on. The framework’s security centric features like authentication, cross-site request forgery protection and communication security are widely used by developers to safeguard their program against cyber threats like SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, XSS etc.

Highly customizable: 

Another aspect of the platform that makes it so popular with the users is its easy customizability. This framework allows developers to customize any web application without really having to make any changes in the source code. Since this framework allows easy and quick integration of various features, developers can swiftly add various business-centric features without having to spend a whole lot of time and money in re-writing the codes.

With all its remarkable features ASP.NET indisputably stands out as the best web development framework that developers enjoy and recommend using.

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