Here’s how custom built software can automate an apparel manufacturing unit

custom built software can automate an apparel manufacturing unitIn a manufacturing unit where the aesthetics of the products, their quality as well as production parameters need to be maintained in tandem, it often becomes quite a task to run the show smoothly. Irrespective of whether there are people deployed at every stage of the production, there is always some scope for human error which often costs the business a hefty sum.

Modern technology has however revolutionized how things work and today such manufacturing units deploy custom built software in order streamline their processes. Apparel manufacturing is one such domain wherein the deployment of custom built software has revolutionized how the whole unit functions. IPS technology services is a custom software development company that has expertise in building software suitable for such apparel manufacturing units along with various other businesses. IPSTS has the most experienced team of IT professionals who can give any business the solutions ideally suited to their needs. They are the most trusted technology service provider in all of Michigan and have helped several companies maximize their productivity and accuracy while considerably bringing down the production cost. Here’s more on how IPSTS’ custom built software has helped in the automation of an apparel manufacturing unit.

Inventory management:

In an apparel manufacturing unit, keeping a track of the raw materials, the finished products as well as the final packaged products is quite a task. Custom built software for such a manufacturing unit helps in keeping a track of the number of  rolls of a particular fabric that are there, how much of it is in use and how many will be required in order to complete a particular order. With the inventory management streamlined, the manufacturing unit never has to face challenges with shortage of raw materials or miscalculation of the finished goods.

Supervision of the production process:

In an apparel manufacturing unit, the production process includes many parts like dyeing, cutting, stitching etc. Custom built software helps in maintaining a strict vigil on every process so that there is optimum utilization of resources, an uninterrupted work flow and timely completion of work. With the help of such software, an apparel manufacturing unit can thus streamline its production and enhance its supply chain.

Systems management and maintenance:

Software that is integrated with all the systems that form a part of the manufacturing unit immensely helps in facilitating the repair, maintenance and management. Such software is built to send timely alerts to the concerned teams whenever there is a service or maintenance coming up. Also, on sensing any impending system failures, the software sends alerts to the maintenance teams so they can do the timely repairs and replacements. This not only increases the lifespan of the machines, also ensures that the production line is not hampered in any way.

Quality Management:

In an apparel manufacturing unit, maintaining quality is a huge challenge as even one wrongly woven fiber or a color off by one shade can render the whole batch useless. It is as such crucial to monitor the production line and eliminate faults as soon as they are visible. Such custom built software not only monitors the products all along the production chain, also sends real time reports to the concerned teams so they can act fast and eliminate the issue.

Supply chain management:

With software custom built for the apparel manufacturing unit, the entire factory is well-integrated so the supply chain is streamlined and order fulfillment is enhanced. With such software, concerned teams can access real time reports from anywhere as they are also stored on the cloud and act on them.

IPSTS is the best software company in Michigan that has the expertise to create such custom software for various manufacturing units. Their professional approach and expertise can give any business a competitive edge and help them get the best ROI.

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