5 staff augmentation challenges in 21st century

staff augmentation challenges

Businesses all over the world are benefitting from staff augmentation services as it not only helps in cutting costs, also makes room for innovations. In fact, (*1) after the COVID-19 pandemic the staff augmentation industry has reportedly grown by 132.9 billion USD.

IPS Technology services is a reputed technology company that offers end-to-end IT staff augmentation solutions and caters to different industries. IPSTS has helped many organizations get a competent extended team that is well-aligned to their project requirements. While IPSTS has successfully catered to various IT Staff augmentation requirements, they are also aware of the challenges that most companies face in this domain and are proactively working towards addressing them. Here’s an overview on 5 staff augmentation challenges that most companies face.

Finding the right technology partner:

With staff augmentation outsourced to technology companies that do not understand your vision and working style; conflicts are inevitable. It is as such extremely important to find a technology partner that has the right kind of resource pool and approach towards work. IPSTS is one of the best IT staff augmentation companies in Michigan that believes in customized approach to understand the requirement of a business before commencing the work. We understand that every business is different and collaborating with the right technology partner makes half the job done.

Lack of clarity in goal and expectation setting:

Whenever anything goes wrong with IT staff augmentation, lack of proper expectation setting is often the root cause. Companies fail to put an action plan in place and have a proper blue print outlining the deliverables and this often leads to a lot of confusion. In order to avoid such disruptions, it is always best to clearly communicate the expectations and set goals which can be reviewed at short intervals.

Lack of proper communication:

Lack of proper communication is another major challenge that the staff augmentation industry faces. When both the parties withhold information from each other, the workflow is severely hampered and there are unprecedented delays in project completion. There should thus be clear communication between the teams so everyone has a clear picture of where the project stands and what are the difficulties that both, the onsite as well as remote team is facing.  This can be accomplished with the help of weekly meetings and presentations outlining the progress.

Knowledge Transfer:

Every individual working for a company needs to have a thorough understanding of the organization’s working style, vision as well as expectations in order to deliver work that matches up to the company’s standards. This is also true for remote teams. In order to deliver quality work which meets the expectations of the company, the extended team needs to have proper institutional knowledge. This can either be done by the on-boarding team at the time of induction or by sharing a detailed document.

Inefficient Contract management:

Even the best IT staff augmentation companies have had to deal with issues related to contract management. Poorly assembled contracts have a lot of grey areas in terms of the extended team’s tenure and work responsibilities and this often leads to a lot of issues whenever there is a need for extension of timelines. It is as such extremely important to draw up a contract that explicitly outlines the expectations and also has provisions for both parties to cancel the contract with a standard 15-day notice period.

Apart from these challenges that most companies have to deal with, security too has always been a challenge. With an external team getting access to the internal procedures security is often a concern for companies using staff augmentation services. However, with an experienced and reputed technology partner like IPSTS, companies can rest assured in this regard too. They offer the best IT Staff augmentation services and are the most trusted technology partners in Michigan.



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