Is it necessary for small businesses to invest in custom software?

Custom Software

Businesses today heavily rely on technology in order to carry on with their day to day operations as well as expand their customer base. All kinds of organizations, right from banks to educational institutions are nowadays investing heavily in strengthening their IT infrastructure. They are often known to commission big custom software development projects which are either carried out by their team of in-house developers or outsourced to technology companies like IPS Technology services.

IPSTS is a technology company that offers Custom software development along with a host of other services like application development, IT Staff augmentation and more. IPSTS has successfully created custom software solutions for many small and big organizations and continue to partner with them for future upgrades and developments. The Professionals at IPSTS are highly experienced in creating custom software for small business and also emphasize on the need of such software solutions for small businesses. So, here’s why small businesses should invest in custom software.

Future Ready:

A small business never starts with the aim to remain small and always strives to grow bigger and earn better. And as a business grows its complexities and challenges also increase which need to be tackled efficiently in order to grow. Small businesses should thus invest in web software development in order to be future ready.


There are many off-the shelf software that may seem to be quite easy to deploy and inexpensive too. However, it is important to note that such software do not offer the flexibility to scale up or down as per the needs of the business. Small business should as such invest in custom software which gives them the flexibility to scale up as the business grows or simply cut back whenever there are unexpected downturns.

Cost effective:

Most small businesses make the mistake of buying off-the shelf software assuming that they are inexpensive. However, they often fail to see the long term expenses involved in maintaining such software as there is always a cost involved in buying various plugins, licenses and more. On the other hand, custom software is built in such a manner that various applications can be added to it as per the requirements of the business. As such, a small business should certainly invest in custom software to save on the IT cost in the long run.

Easier Integration:

As a business grows, several functions and factions are added to it. In a similar fashion, as a small business starts growing, it requires more advanced tools to manage its various functions. And once a small business has a custom software built as per its business needs, it can continue to add on applications as well as integrate the software with other systems and thus ensure smooth running of the entire unit.

Better data security:

Every business needs to keep a close track of its data in order to ensure that it is not going into wrong hands and is being suitably leveraged to ensure the company’s growth. Custom made software programs can ensure a higher degree of data security as they are specifically made for a particular niche and have all kinds of screens in place to ward of the attempts of hackers.

Proper support:

A small business certainly cannot afford to have a separate IT team to ensure that the software is working fine and performing the tasks it has been made for. However, when such a business invests in custom software, it not only gets an assurance of quality but also an extended team that is always there to help with resolving any issue related to the software.

Thus, with custom software in place, small businesses can leverage technology to enhance their reach, brand value and overall customer experience,


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