Why Your HR Team Can’t Find The IT Staff You Need?

Even the best HR department in the world might struggle when trying to find valuable tech staff for your organization. This is likely because recruitment in such a knowledge-specific field with a thin candidate pool is a full-time job on its own, and your HR team has enough on its plate already. As you think about your options, consider all the roadblocks your own HR team may be facing.

Not the right training

In the tech space, there are simply not enough people to fill all the open jobs. Because of this, providers in IT staffing services in Michigan may reach out to “passive candidates,” which are professionals who are not actively looking for a job right now but may come over with the right approach. With passive candidates, you need a call plan and the ability to handle a “cold” call to the person at their current place of employment. It’s also important to demonstrate credibility and build trust with these types of candidates right away–since you are the one who sought them out and not the other way around–and be ready to handle the common objections and concerns they may have.

Your internal HR team is very likely not used to handling passive candidates at all, and they may not even know how or where to find them. Your staff provider, on the other hand, is used to handling these types of candidates and has experience with identifying and locating them as needed.

Not the right experience

There’s a good chance your HR team is not full of experienced IT professionals. After all, that is not what you hired them for–their expertise lies in human resources. Therefore, they probably don’t have much familiarity with the ins and outs of the job you are trying to fill, and this can make the screening of candidates very difficult. Many jobs are more general and easier to understand than tech jobs. A clerical job, for example, is normally composed of tasks a person who never held one is still familiar with. This, however, is simply not the case with an IT job, which has requirements that are often only familiar to those who work in that same sector.

In order to find the right candidates in a tight labor market and bring them into your company, a recruiter needs a special set of skills and behaviours. Since your own HR team is not normally asked to do this job and likely has enough work of their own, it’s not usually productive or fair to expect them to be able to land the right IT staff for your organization in a short time frame, if at all. Instead, try using IT staffing services in Michigan to help fill your labor shortage without staining your internal staff even more at the same time.

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