Strategic Move: Uncovering the Perks of Migrating to SharePoint Online

Today’s business users want tools that make them more engaged and productive. Microsoft Office 365 is regarded as one such tool that is continually expanding and evolving swiftly, propelling toward Microsoft’s vision of the one-stop online productivity hub. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-powered environment suite that comes with SharePoint Online, giving leverage for communicating and collaborating effectively.

A couple of years ago, SharePoint was launched as an app for document management. Gradually, it has metamorphosed into records management and document management, besides web portals and content. Over the years, SharePoint has evolved into a powerful content management and collaboration platform. With a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer), you can use SharePoint as a safe place to organize, store, and share data that can be accessed from any device.

The latest development in the SharePoint platform is its migration to the cloud as part of Microsoft Office 365. Providing more portability and flexibility compared to on-premises installments, SharePoint Online has seen huge adoption. It seems all enterprises have either moved or are contemplating a move to the cloud, which has led Microsoft Office 365 to become the founder’s fastest-growing commercial product in history.

If you’re already using SharePoint for your enterprise, then you may know the importance of the same and how it helps to manage an enterprise. But now is the time to upgrade your system so you can reap more benefits. If you’re using other software for managing your documents, then contacting a reputable SharePoint technology service provider in the USA will assist you in migrating to SharePoint Online.

Top 3 Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint Online

If you’re thinking about migrating from a SharePoint on-premise server to SharePoint Online, listed below are some advantages that can help you make an informed decision:

  • External user access management becomes easier

The SharePoint Online version fixed the on-premise ecosystem limitations on users’ abilities to share content with external users. Now, users can share folders, sites, and individual documents with anyone with a Microsoft Account linked to their corporate email ID. Guest links can also be assigned to users for particular edit or read permissions.

  • Improvements to OneDrive for Business

Well, SharePoint Online also gives your business access to OneDrive so that you can share and store your files in the cloud. OneDrive for Business gives enterprises a place to put all their working files and the ability to collaborate and share externally and internally on any device. When you save your document to the “My documents” cloud folder, you can allocate certain access permissions.

  • Access SharePoint Online anytime and anywhere

SharePoint Online and Microsoft Office 365 allow users to work anytime and anywhere. Users aren’t confined to a single network or device. They can work offline on documents and sync the contents directly to Windows Explorer from SharePoint Online. Another incredible element for mobility is the latest SharePoint mobile application. This app is integrated with the intelligence from the Office Graph, so it becomes way easier to monitor each user’s experience in the SharePoint mobile application.


Migrating to the cloud isn’t a new concept, but adopting SharePoint Online can be valuable for businesses. If you’re planning for SharePoint migration, your enterprise would need a solid strategy and also understand the factors influencing the costs, the resources involved, and what tools to use. With adequate education and time, your in-house unit can help. 
However, if your in-house team does not have the time to migrate your resources or you’re under a time crunch, connect with the best SharePoint implementation consultants for robust solutions. They make sure that your platform is personalized as per your needs.

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