Innovation in Your Palm: Building Effective Mobile Health Apps: Key Features Unveiled!

Mobile Health Apps

Technology is gradually changing every venue of our lives, from how we wake up to how we live longer. Technology controls our eating habits, our exercise habits, and our lifestyle and even helps us carry out menial tasks. With technology-based solutions, productivity has been improved. It has drastically revolutionized our lives, and it’s growing with time.

In the smartphone era, mobile apps are taking over the world, and the healthcare industry is no exception among other industrial sectors. As more patients and doctors use telemedicine, the need for mobile healthcare software has increased dramatically. Naturally, the healthcare sector has left its mark on the mobile app development industry.

If you’re looking forward to this option, you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you’re thinking about it but don’t know what features you want to include.

Healthcare Software Development: Top 3 Must-have Features

Let’s look at and discuss some of the most prominent features you should include in your healthcare software.


In an age where everything is just one click away, why not schedule an appointment with the doctor over the Internet? It’ll save time as well as be convenient for patients and doctors alike. Here’s how it works:

  • Users register and fill in the required information.
  • Choose a doctor based on your requirements.
  • Schedule an appointment based on availability.
  • After confirming the schedule, users can view it in the Schedule section.
  • You should incorporate a feature that allows users to easily download and share health-related documents and information online before they visit a doctor.


Doctors believe telemedicine monitors and treats chronic conditions more efficiently than the typical 10-minute one-on-one conversation. Telemedicine includes in-app chat via video or text. Here’s how it works:

  • Answer some questions regarding your symptoms.
  • Select an available doctor from the list.
  • Pick a convenient time for your visit.
  • Get an e-visit confirmation from your doctor.
  • Make a voice/video call at the scheduled time.

However, a personal examination is required for treatment based on physical cues.


Thanks to the e-prescription feature, doctors can fill out and send prescriptions without errors. Doctors can also view formulary information about prescription insurance, including every information in electronically-linked pharmacies. Being Michigan’s leading software development company, we know how this app feature can do wonders.

  • Generates a list of medicines as per a patient’s health needs with the correct dosage.
  • It helps doctors to understand a patient’s medical history.
  • The e-prescription feature allows doctors to prescribe and renew prescriptions from anywhere.
  • Prescription tampering is not possible.
  • It should have a built-in search for pharmacies that sell a particular medicine.

Wrapping Up

Mobile healthcare software development has transformed the healthcare industry. Now, it’s the duty of healthcare companies to focus on the needs and wants of their users and choose the right technology partner in their healthcare software development journey. And who else other than contacting the best custom software development company in Michigan – IPS Technology Services for it?

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