Quality Screening for IT Hires

IT is a field that has a wide range of marketable traits, and appropriate screening for the traits that are necessary for the job being hired for is an important part of the candidate selection process. You wouldn’t, for example, hire a web designer with no experience in Node.js for a position that deals primarily with block chain technology. Both of these jobs are considered IT but require their own set of skills in order for a candidate to be successful within the position. IT staffing with quality screening systems will always take these factors into account and tailor their searches accordingly.

Know the Role
Knowing the ins and outs of the role are a key part of accurate and timely job placement. Knowing what the role entails, what the key skills are that are required to perform well, and how to screen for those roles is important in any type of hiring situation, but it’s especially important in IT as it covers such a wide range of skill sets. Knowing the role will enable agencies to find the right type of candidates and will help limit the number of unqualified candidates by tailoring their searches accordingly.

Test Core Skills
Each IT job requires a set of core skills. Not all of these skills overlap, and some area of IT are very niche, requiring unique skills in order to perform well within the role. Having skills testing available to verify that candidates have the skills that they claim on their resume and are proficient in those skills at a level compatible with the opening will help to set apart the outstanding candidates for a position. Testing these skills prior to interviews is a great way to pre-screen candidates.

Soft Skills Are Important, Too
Though IT jobs are often thought of as solo gigs, it is becoming more common for IT professionals at all levels to be required to work with teams that are not technology focused. From working with marketing teams to executives, IT professionals are now expected to be able to communicate complex concepts in a way that a non-technical individual can understand and take action upon. These roles mean that soft skills, such as customer service, excellent verbal and written communication, and a proven track record of teamwork are almost as important for a candidate to possess as the highly technical skills. These soft skills set the best apart from the rest.

Choosing to focus on IT staffing with quality screening techniques is a great way to ensure that a company makes a great hire for each position and that they are choosing the best possible candidates for those positions. From knowing the role well to verifying skills and putting the candidates into situations during the interview process where the necessary soft skills shine, a great staffing company will offer all of these qualities and more. Quality candidates are a result of these screening techniques, ensuring you get the right person for the job every time.

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