Cloud Computing Continues Steady Growth Trend

Recently, Microsoft hit the $1 trillion mark, joining Apple and Amazon as cloud-based services that have reached that prestigious benchmark. Though Microsoft didn’t maintain the mark, it says a lot about the state of cloud computing today. Mostly, that it is here to stay. Since its introduction, cloud computing services have continued to grow and expand, and the variety of options now available makes the technology more viable than ever.

Cloud computing providers in southeast Michigan are no exception to this growth, and they are strategically placed to help local and regional businesses with this technology.

Service Variety
The variety of cloud services has grown over time, with everything from storage to email to databases now being hosted and maintained in the cloud, and more companies moving to cloud-based services on a daily basis. The variety and cost-effectiveness of these services being hosted in the cloud is irrefutable, and the many options that are provided allows consumers and businesses alike to build packages that work best for them. There is no need for a one-size-fits-all approach with technology hosted in the cloud–it is easier than ever to tailor services to the person or company purchasing them.

Data Security
Cloud services are also more secure than ever, with new security technologies regularly emerging, improving the strength of the protections afforded to businesses and consumers using the services. Data security is at the forefront of both business and consumer minds, as data breaches can be extremely costly. Previously, this was a big factor in many people’s decisions not to use cloud-based services. Now, those concerns have largely been addressed, and in addition to improved security measures, cyber security knowledge has continually improved.

Quality of Service
With the continued growth of cloud computing has come a need for greater service. The quality of service and feedback from cloud computing has continuously improved as the technology has evolved. With big names behind the services now used by the majority of the population in some form or fashion, the quality of service when questions, concerns, or problem arise has improved to make cloud integration a nearly seamless and painless process.

The variety, data security, and quality of service that can be provided via the cloud has changed the lives of consumers and businesses. Gone are the days where clunky hardware was essential for storage and security, data can now be safely and securely stored just a short click away. As more businesses and consumers move their lives online, the demand for these services will continue to grow, and new services will appear to replace their analog counterparts.

With cloud computing here to stay, there is room for continued growth and evolution of the services provided. Cloud computing providers in southeast Michigan will be among those strategically placed to help businesses continue to grow and evolve and assist consumers who shift their digital lives to cloud-based services. 

Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have already realized the future is in the cloud. Who’s next?

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