Keeping Your Healthcare Organization Healthy During the 2020 Pandemic

The current Covid19 pandemic has introduced a need for rapid change across many industries, and it’s no surprise that healthcare has been among the hardest hit. During this crucial time, it’s imperative you do whatever you can to ensure patients are treated and seen while keeping them and all of your staff safe. As you get your team together and prepare for the unknown, consider the tips below to help keep everyone safe during this trying time.

Create a task force

By creating a task force to deal with this pandemic, you can bring order to chaos. This group will focus on how to help your clients and your staff tackle the pandemic. Once you have roles assigned to each person–such as a protective equipment supervisor and patient liaison–you can all go to work knowing that all of the bases have been covered as much as possible.

Upgrade your tech solutions

Now is the time to optimize your electronic health records. Work with a professional agency to add dashboards or widgets that can help your staff stay on top of trends and manage those patients who have tested positive for Covid or are showing symptoms. Disease screening tools can also be added to help you monitor your patient populations for the virus.

Telehealth, which was already becoming more common in medicine, can also be used to help lessen the potential spread of the virus. Programs can be used to help patents and providers communicate face to face using video, audio and chat. The implementation of automated scheduling, which allows staff to send voice reminders to patients, can decrease the chance of a sick person entering a healthcare facility at a bad time, such when the waiting room already has other patients.

Expand your IT

With more providers relying on tech at this time, many companies are running into trouble with or worried about their IT staff. If a key member of your IT department were to fall ill, had to leave to care for a family member or experienced another emergency, your organization may find itself in serious trouble. A remote IT service with experience in the healthcare industry can help supplement your current IT staff and even step in should a key player have to step out of their duties. This will ensure that your facility can continue to provide for clients and protect staff in this unprecedented time.

The Covid19 pandemic has us all on a learning curve as we all work together to flatten the hospital curve. When you need to change your practices immediately in order to keep patients and staff as safe as possible, it’s only natural that you may find yourself struggling to find solutions for some key issues. Contact an experienced healthcare IT provider to shore up your organization’s tech today so you are prepared and ready for whatever comes your way.

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