4 Tests to Help Ensure Your New Software is a Winner

For any software project to be a success, it needs to be able to do what was intended, whether that means meeting a customer need or streamlining an internal process. Ensuring that a software project is a success requires comprehensive testing so that overall value, usability and performance can be gauged.

Measuring these types of results requires more than a simple question-and-answer testing plan. While a Q&A plan can help examine the essential functions of your product, your organization will need more in-depth testing to ensure it genuinely does what you wanted it to do. A firm offering Software Development Services in Michigan can help you craft a testing plan that will look into all the factors, including user satisfaction, design strength and workflow metrics.

As you weigh your software options, learn more about the four commonly used tests for custom software designs.

Design prototype testing

In this type of testing, the user workflow in a completed part of the product or wireframe–a layout of the elements on key pages–is tested out before it is put into full development. Also known as early-stage testing, this is where the designer creates a prototype of the design workflow and web design for the purpose of testing and fixing any usability issues before the developing engineering begins. This saves on development time because it identifies and handles potential issues that could be tougher to address once development is in full swing.

Eye tracking

In eye tracking, test users sit in front of a camera that tracks their gaze and eye movements when using a software product. This testing can also include the tracking of mouse movements and keyboard typing, all of which helps developers identify how a software or app design can be improved.

Formative usability testing

Also a part of early-stage testing, formative usability tests are part of quality assurance and aim to ensure that the software or app meets the criteria you have set for your target audience. These tests can also become the baseline for comparing future tests.

A/B testing

In A/B testing, two designs for websites or landing pages–known as A and B–are tested for a set time period. Conversation rates of both pages are compared, and other data is collected during the testing phase. Usually, the page with the higher conversion rate is held as the better design, while the other page is retired. While this is a clear-cut and efficient manner of testing, keep in mind that it is a process and may take some time to fully complete.

With proper testing in place, you will be able to receive a software product that does exactly what you need it to do. Work with experienced software development services in Michigan to ensure your custom software hits all of your marks from its first launch.

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