6 Best Ideas to Ignite Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

To build a pipeline, you usually take a net-driven or spear-driven approach. To generate qualified leads that match your target account(s), Account-Based Marketing is a highly valued technique today.

Expert SEO services enabled the use of account-based marketing (ABM) to generate qualified leads that match your target accounts. Every message, every piece of content, and every outreach point is laser-focused on that particular account. Try these innovative fire starters to fire up your ABM strategy!

●      Get that fire rolling with a variety of content formats

ABM campaigns are spiced with a variety of content. To engage your prospect, ensure your outreach has a variety of content styles and formats that cater to their learning styles, preferences, attention spans, interests, and so on. Add some variety to the proceedings.

You can establish a connection and start a conversation faster by customizing these content pieces for your target accounts or contacts. Scale this approach by creating content templates you can edit and personalize.

●      Expand your influence by fabricating a podcast

Podcasts have gained popularity over the past few years. A podcast is an audio-only experience that the listener can enjoy from any device, whether it is a computer, smartphone, or tablet, anytime and anywhere. Essentially, you are listening to a discussion of a topic you are interested in. Podcasts provide a forum for sharing advice, business tips, solutions to common issues, and more.

●      Put your insights and knowledge on video — solo, interview, or panel discussion

In-person communication is next to impossible without video. The video not only provides a great venue for expressing your insights and expertise, but the viewer is also able to view a face behind the data! Videos can be used for a wide range of content purposes, including how-to videos, problem-solving demos, sharing trends in your industry, distributing company news, and many more.

It can be a live video of you talking or an animated video to catch the recipient’s attention. Use video in your ABM campaign to highlight an industry problem and your innovative solution. The feature is also helpful to share a personal note with your prospects.

●      Create custom audio & video messages on LinkedIn

An important part of LinkedIn’s value is its ability to connect people. But do not restrict yourself to written communication. Consider sending a video or voice message to your contact. It could increase your engagement with your prospect by creating a closer relationship. Share upcoming podcasts, events, or resources using this option. Having direct contact with your prospects instead of using canned responses will significantly help your account-based marketing efforts.

●      Establish a link between your internal leaders and the leaders of your target clients

Link your company leaders to your target account leaders. In some instances, you may be granted access to your executive team’s LinkedIn credentials so that you can perform the connection on their behalf. Depending on the project, you may need to list the targeted contacts involved. Connecting leaders within an organization can multiply your influence.

●      Spread content like wildfire by leveraging your company’s resources

Unify your efforts. Share the latest podcasts, resources, blog, webinars, videos, articles and more across the company. Your company has a good chance to get noticed. Your ABM campaign will be complemented by this kind of activity and help to increase its effectiveness.

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