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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Share Point is an extraordinary tool that has revolutionized the way people collaborate, fetch information and share information. While this tool has already become the ‘go to’ application in the corporate world, it is slowly establishing its place in the education sector too. Microsoft Share Point has enhanced the teaching-learning process making it compatible with today’s technology driven education systems.

IPS Technology services, which specializes in Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services in Michigan had anticipated this upcoming trend and have their resources ready to help educational institutions with Share Point implementation. IPSTS is a full-fledged technology company that offers the whole gamut of services related to development and implementation. They are also known for their IT Staff augmentation services. The Share Point implementation consultants at IPSTS have elaborated on how Share Point can contribute to the education sector.

Easy access to study material:

With Share Point, educational institutions can easily create a student portal where students can see their timetable, assignments allotted as well as various other materials related to their course.

Staff Collaboration:

With Share Point members of the staff in the institution can easily collaborate with each other, share resources, lesson plans and more.

Easy access to Class specific data:

With Share Point, it becomes extremely easy to access different sets of data related to the classes and course work. Right from attendance to evaluation reports, students can access all kinds of data on a single platform without any hassle.

Better management and visibility of Announcements:

With a portal like Share Point which facilitates information sharing without any hassle, it becomes very easy to share announcements with all the students in the institution. Class specific as well as institution wide announcements can be easily shared on the portal.

Better assistance for teachers:

With Microsoft Share Point, teachers get a lot of help with their day to day activities. They can access relevant information, get regular alerts and reminders related to pending lessons and evaluations, share resources and assignments with students for self-study and more.

While these attributes primarily highlight how the teachers and students or trainees can benefit from Microsoft Share Point, the educational institutions and their management can benefit from the application in the following ways:

Better visibility of data points:

With Microsoft Share Point it becomes very easy to track various data like evaluation reports of various students, their progress, teacher and student attendance etc. In an educational institution where the student’s performance and excellence is the best testimony of its success, these data sets help in determining ROI.

Better Staff management:

With Microsoft Share Point, it becomes much easier to manage the staff and their schedules. With schedules available on a central repository, the institution can effectively assign substitutes and even arrange extra classes whenever the need arises.

Enhanced Distance Learning:

With Share Point facilitating seamless communication and collaboration beyond the physical campus, educational institutions are nowadays coming up with a plethora of distance learning programs. The collaborative tools on Share Point have made these distance learning programs more interactive, intensive and real-time, thus increasing their demand and the institution’s revenue prospects.

Classroom booking:

In bigger institutions where there are several labs, conference halls, AV rooms etc. available for the teachers to conduct special sessions, the scheduling tools available on Share Point help in effectively managing the bookings so that teachers can conduct the sessions without having to deal with any overlaps or timing constraints.

Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Microsoft Share Point truly has the potential to level up the education sector with the demands of the 21st century.

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