IPS Technology Services Develops Website with Content Management and E-Commerce Portal for Golf Club Manufacturer

TROY, Mich., January 08, 2018 — IPS Technology Services recently launched a comprehensive website and Ecommerce solution for a golf club manufacturer in metro Detroit.

At the client’s request, IPS Technology Services redesigned their current website and modernized with state-of-the-art technology to make it look a lot more appealing to visitors.  The client’s prior website was old-fashioned and its online purchasing experience was unattractive to visitors causing a significant amount of lost sales.  Improving the sales experience through a significantly better interface and improving the look and feel of the website were the two primary objectives for IPS in this project.

In addition to a traditional Ecommerce portal, IPS built an extensive functionality where an on-line buyer can customize products such as wedges, putters, and irons with individualized logos and letterings to personalize each item.  The application also features an order tracking system using which a client can check the status of an order.

Last but not the least, all orders are integrated with Quick Books through an API interface so that the clients don’t have to reenter order information in their QB Accounting system.  This will save a substantial amount of time and streamline the order management, invoicing, and collection processes.  Next month, IPS Technology Services is geared up to launch a distributor portal through which bulk orders can placed online—boosting sales even further.

IPS Technology Services offers website development and implementation as one of many systems development services for its clients.  Please feel free to contact us at info@ipstechnologyservices.com or call 248-526-9000.

About IPS Technology Services

IPS Technology Services provides end-to-end IT services. IPS develops custom applications using state of the art tools such as .Net, C#, VB, SaaS, SOA, Oracle, SQL Server, and/or by using third party software. IPS provides IT services in the following six areas:

1. IT Staffing (SharePoint, Oracle, Java, Dot Net, SQL Server, SAP, PM)
2. Technology Consulting, SharePoint, Enterprise Architecture, Best Practices
3. Web based Enterprise and Mobile Application Development and Integration
4. Healthcare IT with EHR and Practice Management implementation
5. Engineering IT services
6. Website development, Digital Marketing, and Social Media

For more information on IPS Technology Services, please call 248-526-9000, send an email to info@ipstechnologyservices.com or click www.ipstechnologyservices.com.

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